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If you dont get treatment for hep what could happen?
I have hep c and thinking about not going through the treatment of shots and pills what is the worse that can happen?

Tracey Seth
MAMASMUR- How could you know your husband has had Hep C for over 40 years when it was dicovered less than 20 years ago?

I had a blood transfusion when my daughter was born 20 years ago and about 12 years ago had to have a Hep C test to determine whether or not the blood I was given was contaminated with Hep C....since they didn't screen for it before I had to have a transfusion.

Sorry, but the fact that Hep C hasn't been tested for for very long makes me question your opinion.


You will actually die sooner my grand mother had Hep C and she got to see her 57th birthday which was still too young but at least we got to have her around for that long she was a great lady. Hep C which causes carouses of the liver hardens your liver. So,please go through the treatment and the pills You can not live without your liver. if that is all that is wrong and it has not gotten that bad you can be put on a waiting list for a new liver the list is long though

you could die, I don't mean to scare you, but you asked what could be the worst thing that could happen. You need to get these treatments to keep you healthy!!!!! Please talk with your physician about this because I don't think you're well informed of the benefits you would be getting from these treatments. Good Luck, Stay Well !

The very worst is that you will become terribly ill, not be able to eat, lose weight, become very disabled, and then die.


The worse that can happen is you'll die

*you did ask for the worse

Nothing really bad. All hepatitis cures itself eventually... Just like no matter how bad the bleeding, it too will eventually stop.

Seriously, though... You could die. You should consider speaking about this to your physician. This is a very serious decision to make!

Blue Rose
Fatal liver disease..............

Well my Dear you will eventually die..is that what you want? rethink your decision. May many blessing come your way.

My neighbor developed hep c through getting a blood transfusion before blood was screened for diseases.

In her case, it eventually affected her liver and it killed her. Filling with fluid and toxins in her system because liver wouldn't work right. This isn't the case for all.

I've put a website with lots of helpful information on hep c and what it is and how to treat it.

Hep C needs to be treated. It is a serious disease. You can die from it.

I have hep c too. I got it at work when my hand was pierced with a needle used to inject a Hepatitis C patient. I'm not getting the treatment because my liver is ok so far. I just have to keep an eye on it. The doctors told me I don't need to have treatment as long as I take care of myself and don't do anything to hurt my liver, like drink or do drugs. Tracey Seth is confused. Blood for transfusions was not tested until not too many years ago. Testing for Hepatitis C has been available for many, many years. The treatment is not that old, and it has changed a little in the past 10 years. There is also a new treatment coming as soon as it is approved. It will still be the interferon and the ribavirin, but they are also adding a medication called Fluvastatin to the regiment. It is a cholesterol lowering drug that has proven to be effective in the treatment of Hepatitis C.
By the way, MamaSmurf is correct. The number of Viet Nam vets that have this disease is staggering. Many of them have not been diagnosed yet, so the numbers could be even greater. The way they determine if they got it in VietNam is done by records as to where they were and how they were treated, if they were involved in drug use later, and many other things that tell the Drs a lot.

My husband has had hep c for over 40 years and other than that he is in good health. He was never a drinker nor did hard drugs, so his liver is in good health. If you have hep C and your liver is in relatively good shape, you don't have to have the treatment. You can live an otherwise normal long life. Don't let these people scare you. If you have hep C and drink alcohol or do drugs, you are really hurting your liver and it can lead to liver disease and eventually chirrosis of the liver, and liver cancer. Of course you can die from the liver cancer and even chirrosis of the liver. My husband has just recently chose to have treatment because he wants to make sure his liver has a chance to heal from the little damage that is has. He wants a healthy liver. The treatment is not a cure, don't be lured into believing that. It is a treatment that if successful, will lower your viral load to 0 and allow your liver to heal. You will always have the virus in your body. It will just become "inactive". You can still pass it to others and you still cannot give blood. We do group sessions with others that have hep c and have met a few who responded well to the treatment and had a viral load of 0 for up to 5 years, but it resurfaced in them. Now they are going through the treatment again. If your liver is damaged too much, if you are at stage 3, they don't give treatment. Normally they would suggest a liver transplant and later starting treatment. (a liver transplant is not a cure for hep C, it just gives you a healthier liver to work with) Don't drink alcohol or do drugs. This is the worst thing you can do for your liver. You don't die from Hep C....you die from the damage to your liver. Hep C is just a virus that causes infection in the liver and makes it hard to do its jobs. Drinking and doing drugs, damages the liver and causes the liver disease and cancer.

TRACEY..see your emails. I know what I'm talking about. Testing was available for hep c 20 years ago and even before that. They just did not test the blood they used for transfusions until 1994. 7 different doctors believe my husband and many others got hep c while in Viet Nam. 1 in 20 of those veterans have hep c. We have known about hep c for many years. There was just no treatment for it. The VA does more research, and treatment of hep c than anyother agency in this country. I trust what they say.

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