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If you are around someone who sneezes and they don't have a cold is there any way you could get a cold?

Yes, it is possible. They can still carry germs and virus that can cause cold or flu. Be sure to wash you hands with soap and hot water often. If you are someplace that is not close to water and soap, carry the antibiotic wipes or an antibiotic waterless hand cleaner. Try not to touch your face, eyes, or nose a lot. These can be the entry ports for germs that your hands have come into contact with....

you cant identify that someone has a cold by sneezing. through sneezing you can get rid the bacteria that attacks your nose. it serves as defense mechanism to your body. but you should be careful next time coz even if it is just a simple and shottime sneezing, it has so many bacterias that you can acquire with.

Yes. It's an interesting fact that when you have a cold virus and can infect someone else with it, you don't actually know you've got it. In other words you are infectious before you get symptoms yourself. Once you have symptoms, you are no longer infectious.

yess, when someone sneezes many things can be coming out

lol yes?

No u cant...unless someone else has it around u...

Its like can u get drunk from a non-alcoholic drink?

Gemma N
if they are carrying the particulat pathogen then yes

Mélanie Potvin
I sneeze around people all the time. I have allergies. I think it depends on the kind of sneezing. If I sneeze because I have a cold, then yes, it would be contagious. If I sneeze due to allergies... well allergies aren't contagious so there wouldn't be a problem.

Also, a nurse once told me that you can only catch a cold from someone pre-symptoms. So you wouldn't know it until you get it. The only way to truly prevent you from catching a cold from someone else is to stay away from everyone at all times. Which would be ridiculous. So basically, there isn't much you can do.

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