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I was just wondering, it it ok to take a shower if you have the cold/flu?
My grandma says that it is wrong and in doing so it could be fatal.

Your grandma is a wack job. Of course you can have a shower - unless it is an acid shower

Oh, man, you can Cure yourself with a hot and cold shower: 3 minutes as hot as you can stand it until your skin is pink and you feel a little faint. Notice where the dial is because you'll be coming back. 2 minutes totally cold water (dance, sing, count the seconds). 3 minutes back to hot. (this will also tingle). 2 minutes cold again (not so bad this time). Rub briskly with a towel, dress, feel like a million dollars. OR, end with hot and go Immediately to bed! The cold water stimulates your body to produce fighter cells, and the hot water circulates them to where they're needed most.


Love Life
A hot shower will create steam which helps clear your sinuses when you breathe it in. So a shower can be helpful in fighting a cold or flu. I don't really think it can hurt you. It never hurt me.

listen to grandma. dont take a shower. take a mildly warm bath, no bubbles or anything, just a bath. relax and listen to your favorite movie

If you are sick and you don't feel like taking a shower then you are probably too sick and should just stay in bed. But if you feel like you really need to take a shower then you should take one because you need to clean your body of all the sweating, toxins and general ickyness of being sick. I think what you really feel and want to do in this regard is a good indicator of what you should do for your body. Kind of analogous to- I feel hungry so I should probably eat.

I've taken plenty of showers when i've had the flu, but felt strong enough to shower.

Actually its not good to have a hot bath..it inflates your temperature...but a warm shower or bath wont hurt you. If you have a fever it may help to cool you and you will feel better if you are not all sweaty anyway. Dry yourself quickly and go back to bed with a warm lemon drink.

I dont know if its deadly but u might not want to just in case.

The gr8t alien
I shower when I am sick and have done so for the past 34 years and I'm still alive and well so unless you feel really bad and faint I say go for it

Miss MeMe - ײיײי
I always do. I find it makes me feel better actually. Clears up the head and such.

big jack
Granny is nuts. take a shower, you,ll feel better

As long as you keep warm, especially your head.

You're grandma is only correct if you have a seriously depressed immune system and no hot water tank. Go and take a nice bubble bath and get well soon.

Its better to have a hot soothing bath. I bought some Therapy liquid for cold /flu remedies. That you can purchase in Wal_mart under the bathing section. Pour half a cup into warm flowing water. Take a bath in it. It helps. Hope you get feeling better soon.

Go ahead...totally safe. Good hygeine has been shown to reduce the average length of the common cold....so go ahead....knock yourself out.

Not to mention the hot water can clear up the nasal passages.
Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the steam....IT DOES WONDERS!

I haven't heard anything about bathing or showering being fatal. My favorite thing to do when I have a flu or cold is sit in a hot bathtub or get a shower. It really seems to cleanse my nose, and it hasn't killed me yet. If you're worried about it though, I'd recommend sleep. Logically thinking, I can't immagine any way a shower could kill a person other than falling asleep in the shower.

it is OK if you keep warm and take a warm bath or shower and dry off real good

hmmm no. only if you feel faint or dizzy it might be best to wait.

i think grandma is not correct. taking a hot shower will actually help your sinus inflammation and also the steam is good for your lungs...it helps break things up just like a vaporizer, try rubbing a little vicks vap o rub on the shower wall and you'll be amazed at the results, its mixes witht he shower steam and opens up your sinus's real good.

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