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I think I have mono?
I hooked up with this girl about a mounth ago who claimed she was over her mono for mounths but just this week I have started expierincing all the symptons. Iv'e been very tired achy throats been soar etc. Is there anythign I can do at home to help it and can i give it to someone who had already had it?

You can give mono to anyone. I would go to the doctor and get antibiotics if you have it.

you can drink lots of fluids (juice, gatorade, water) stay hydrated and sleep alot, stay under a blanket to sweat it out.

If its not in your head (sorry, sometimes if someone tells you they have something and they may have given it to you, your mind can actually induce those symptoms due to stress, sad but true) there is no "cure" for mono, a doctor will just tell you to sleep it off, but actually, what they don't want you to know (because they can't make any money off it) is that coconut oil cures mono.

Its tried and true, I know a mother who used it for her little girl who caught it drinking after her older sister, in a week she was back to normal.
You can get this natural remedy a lot of places, but if you have a hard time finding it near you, order it from a pharmacy online, make sure its only all natural, chemically treated coconut oil won't have the same affect and will take longer to heal you.

Take a teaspoon with every meal, and you'll feel better.

Good luck mate and watch out who you "hook up" with from now on.

Learn from this.

haha ur funni
i think it is possible to give it to someone who has already had it because even though the symptoms will go away eventually, you will still have the virus for the rest of your life. but only when its active you can spread it.
to help it get lots of sleep, gargle with salt water, take tylenol or ibuprofen or advil, and avoid lifting heavy things and playing contact sports because your spleen may be enlarged. i recommend going to the doctor's though just to be sure.

nothing you really can do is sleep. You CANNOT give it to someone who has had it already. I have a friend that we think as it now and I had it when I was 12, but I can't get it again. I do still have it in my system though. I feel symptoms about once a year.

I had mono last summer, and this is my advice...

Go to your doctor, tell him/her about your symptoms and that you're worried you may have mono. You may have been infected a month ago, but it takes a while for symptoms to show up. A nurse will take some blood from your arm and do a mono-spot test. The results come back in about 24-48 hours, and if you do in fact have mono, your doctor will be able to prescribe a steroid to you, such as Prednisone. It's a series of pills that you have to take correctly. They will make you feel a little strange, and may even keep you from sleeping, but it helps fight the infection. Mono is a viral infection, therefore antibiotics will not work. Antibiotics are only used to treat bacterial infections. Also, it should be okay to take Tylenol, especially if you have a fever. Acetaminophen affects your liver, and when you have mono, it's your spleen that is affected. And another thing - do not do anything active for a least a month or so after having mono, because you don't want your spleen to rupture!

The symptoms of mono can last up to a few months, although the virus will never actually go away. So during this time, you will not feel like doing anything. Your body will lack energy, and you will feel like sleeping and laying around all the time. But it is very important to eat and drink plenty of fluids, because you are sick after all! Your body's immune system will the rest of the work, since there is nothing else you can do to get rid of the infection. My doctor told me it I would feel the effects of mono for up to 4 months after. Also, avoid sharing cups and utensils with other people, because you don't want to pass your germs (obviously). Good luck, this is a really debilitating disease, but try to make the best of it. If you like watching TV, now is a good time to catch up on your favorite shows! haha

You need to get a lot of rest, and drink a lot of water. Mono is something that remains in your system for a long time, and yes it is possible to give it to someone again. Go see your doctor though it could be something else!

Queen of the Universe
There is nothing you can do at home except get lots of rest and drink lots of water. No, you cannot infect anyone who has already had it. You should not take Tylenol for the pain unless your doctor says you can. You can use throat lozenges to lessen the pain in your throat.

Kirstie L
Hey the only way you will know for sure is to go to the doctor. My best friend had it and she tried to ignore it. Then all of a sudden she was getting weaker and having hot/cold chills. It took her over a month to get over it. Basically, if you don't go to the doctor and get it straight it is HELL to go through. Oh yeah, and i also heard "tolenyol" can supposidly hurt or kill you if you take it and you truley do have mono.

bella principessa ♥
I've had it before.. try drinking LOTS of fluids thats what they told me when i was hospitalized for about 2 weeks. Antibiotics work but not more then drinking a lot of fluids, so try drinking LOTS AND LOTS of fluids (=

Giovanni C
go see a doctor

well you might just be sick go to the doctor...but mono never goes away it just "hides" sometimes so if she had or has mono she can give it to you anytime

uhmm good luck?

jessica Y
yes. it is very contagious. you will have to go to the dr. SOON!

Johnothan Davis
You probably only have the flu since you hooked up with her a month ago. You would have gotten mono a lot sooner than that if did get it.

But to be sure you need to see doctor if that's what you think it is!


P.S. you can get mono just from sharing drinks with other people, so if you do have it, it might not even be her fault!

Edit: And yes, mono is not like chicken pox or the mumps etc., so despite the fact that some one you know has already gotten it you can still infect them. So wash your hands, don't kiss anyone, don't share drinks with anyone and cover you coughs and sneezes general health safety.

And as other people have said, fluids (electrolites and lot's water) and rest. BUT SEE A DOCTOR TOO! You need antibiotics!

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