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I think I have a cold?
I just got rid of a sore throat, but now my nose is stuffed up really bad. Any way to get rid of a stuffy nose? It's mostly my right nostril that's the most stuffiest; my left one's okay, but a little runny. I kept sneezing a lot lately, also. Any help here?

just take steam & lot of rest................
prefer aurvedic medicines ,
tell ur mom to giv u decoction of tulsi juice +ginger ....it wll help u a lot

Buy a Tepi pot and use it, they are fantastic and clear the sinuses right out--Oprah had a show about the use of it/them.

It could be just allergies. Some symptoms of the common cold involves a minor fever and light headiness. You should eat more green; that sounds like a cheesy advice, but vegetables and fruit will boost your vitality to your immune system and unclog any bacteria within your nose.

It still couldn't hurt to see a doctor, though. If it is a cold after all, try to get extra hours of sleep and don't try to move around a lot (exercising, working, etc.). Also eating your greens will definitely help in the long run.

Dawn M
get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids


Kay P
Clariten (sp?) clears my stuffy nose up! :3 When ever I have nose issues, it helps TONS!

Get some of the cold pills that have zinc in them. They can shorten the duration and intensity of a cold. It works for me.

plenty of sleep, a lot of vitamin c which is in orange juice and keep warm

Stay in bed, drink plenty of Juice, and call me in the Morning.

could be cold, could be an allergy.

a long very warm shower will be comforting, I like Thera-flu more than Nyquil. the Thera-flu tastes like hot lemonade.

take Ecanasha like right away!
i started getting one last week
and it worked PERFECT!

good luck

get alot of sleep,that cures alot.

If you inhale some steam from, say, a shower or bowl of soup, it'll temporarily give you relief from the stuffy nose. Unfortunately, when you get a cold, all you can do is give it time to go away.

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