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I think I've got the flu. What should I do?
On Friday I had a dry cough. Yesterday my body got super achy and I'm getting the chills then I'm sweating. I took the day off work. Is there anything I can do to speed up the recovery? I'm a teacher so I should go back tomorrow :-(
Additional Details
I'm guessing the kids are the ones who gave it to me!

Take AIrborne you can find it at your local pharmacy and get a netti pot.... the kind I use is called sinu-cleanse

Stay off work so you can rest. The flu takes awhile if that's what you have. Rest and Time will cure you. You might even want to take off a week.

Theraflu is nothing special, just a bunch of over-the-counter medications all mixed into one pill: tylenol(acetaminophen), Pseudoephedrine(sudafed) and either an antihistamine (Chlorpheniramine) or cough medicine (dextromethorphan). Best to take them seperately when you need them and not all at once.

NO, dont go back.. You will infect your students AND your coworkers.. Stay home at least 1 to 2 more days, wash your hands, and take care of yourself... don't be that person that comes into work SICK!

your best friend
take echinacea, vitamin c, and your favorite cold medicine (mine is mucinex dm). also take ibuprofen throughout the day for aches and a possible fever. drink lots of juice. v8 fusion peach mango is really good and it has a serving of fruits and a serving of vegetables in one cup.

Take 1000 ml Vitamin C and 1 Echinacea (an herb available anywhere) now and every 12 hrs until better. Theraflu works pretty good for chills and sweats. Take it and cozy up in a blanket with a book for an evening. If you need help to sleep Nyquil works good.

go to the dr....and get medicine, stay away from the kids.. Because I sure don't want you infecting my kids, or me.

dont go to work, until u get totally better, ull give ur virus to every1 else. instead go to the doctor and get a prescription..stay home and rest for a few days until u get better..drink orange juice..i recomend minute maid....the students can just have a sub for them..........and ornage juice always makes me feel better. also use theraflu..get lemon its a tad sour but makes ur body feel great.its soo good for ur body when u drink it b4 bed.... also.. i would try tylenol cold.. poor thing.. i hope u get better

tj is cool
Drink lots of water and sleep a lot. I think you may have a fever too. See a doctor if you are still not getting better.

JO Spice♥**
I feel so sorry for you hun. But you never know it may be a fever . But if your pretty sure its the flu go see you doctor. To get better, stay warm and drink liquid a lot. It will help the bacteria get "out" easier and faster. Take medicine. I suggest ask you doctor what type and rest a lot. Sleep as much as you can. Try not to move or walk a lot. If you do fitness, don't. It will only hurt your system more. Eat healthy or atleast try too. When I'm sick I never want to eat a lot but if you don't eat it will only leave you unhealthy. I've got to say you can't really recover fast. Sorry to say. But flu is a bit serious so you don't want to go back to work the next day. Flu spreads really easily. And take your temperature often. The average human body temperature is 36-37°C. And if you haven't gotten the flu shot, you may want to (ask your doctor first) because it may prevent you from getting it again for the year. I hope you get better and I hope I helped!

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