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I stepped on a nail what do i do?
I'm 16 and i don't know what to do. I stepped on a nail this morning and it stabbed me. I took it out and wash my foot and disinfected it.

The question is, After washing it and putting a bandaid on it am i supposed to do anything else???

Ex.do i go: to the doctor, hospital, get a shot.

I don't know what to do help!!

umm go to the hospital

Go to the doctor and get a tetanus shot.

Nails are usually pretty dirty and you should have a tetanus shot if you haven't. There is a time period involved with the tetanus shot. I think a trip to the Doc would be in order.

If it was rusty, go to the doctor. Or your foot could get infected. My mom did that once.

does it bleed? do you know that if a nail stabs you and makes you bleed is okay? the bad thing is when i does not bleed. it means that your blood is infected by the nail's stain. it is dangerous! if it is not treated properly, your leg must be amputated. i think you must go to see doctor in this case.

emily ~jonas is love~
Well, if you've gotten a tetanus shot in the last 5-10 years, i think you'll be okay after disinfecting it. If it starts to get red around it and hurt badly in the next few days, i suggest going to the hospital to have it looked at.

Here's few things to consider:

1) has bleeding stopped?
2) was the nail clean or dirty?
3) was the nail rusted or new?
4) how deep did it penetrate? deep enough that cleaning is impossible?

If you suspect infection is possible, you need to go to an urgent clinic. Unless you are bleeding heavily, ER or hospital will likely be an overkill.

The only time when I wouldn't do anything other than cleaning it well is when the nail is new, clean, no more bleeding, and is very shallow penetration. Anything else, you should be looked at, not on emergency basis but _fairly_ urgent basis.

I have done the same thing when i was younger, and i went to the doctor and got a Tetanus shot.. here is some of an article about the shot...

There is no antibiotic treatment for tetanus, so you need to have the shot for protection against the infection. There are about 100 cases of tetanus each year in the US. Of all people who get tetanus in the US, about 1 in 3 die.

It is impossible to avoid the cuts and wounds that commonly occur during everyday life. The tetanus bacteria can enter the body through these breaks in the skin and cause a very serious infection. For this reason, it is very important to keep your tetanus shots up to date.

When should I get a tetanus shot?
Whenever you have a dirty cut, animal bite, or puncture wound, check to see when you last had a booster shot. Get another shot within 3 days of the injury if

* The wound is dirty or involves soil or rusty metal AND
* It has been more than 5 years since your last tetanus shot or you do not know when you last had a tetanus shot.

Try to get the shot the same day as the injury if possible. If you cannot get the shot within 1 to 3 days of the injury, get it as soon as you can. The bacteria multiply quickly if they become trapped in a wound and you are not immunized.

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