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I just found out that my ex husband has hepatitis C.what should i do?
i have not been with for seven years but we did use to shoot up drugs and share needles with each other

Go get tested! Most county health offices offer free testing and it's anonymous also. Do it now so that you don't have problems down the road. Also, if you have an AIDS office in your town, they should offer the tests. Good luck.

What should you do? Start planning the funeral. You play....you pay......Simple as that!

Please see the webpage for more details on Hepatitis C.

Male Sicilian Trauma Nurse
Go see a doctor, the percentage that you will have it is great...good luck..

its not that bad my wife has it, she got it from food posing. its not contagious, you just can not donate blood, Nothing hurts, or anything like that. its not that big of a deal. My wife got it before we ever meet, like 10 years before we meet. You are safe, it will not hurt you.

ha ha junkie freaks what did you expect, no doubt you got it too.


Hot Pants
Get tested! Duh

You need to call your physician immediately to have blood testing done. Because it can be difficult to determine when your husband became infected there is a possibility that you too may also have the virus.

Gavri L
seven years is a long time . . but get tested anyway . . .

u should get tested ASAP
never used a needle that some one has already used
you never know if they have AIDS/HIV disease


You should definitely get tested right away. Even though you haven't been with each other for a while, there's no telling where or when he picked it up, but if he did while you were sharing needles, there's a good chance that you may have it too. So go get yourself checked out, and then see what a doctor has to say about what to do next.

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