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Alice B
I have two children with very mild cases of the chicken pox. will i get it?
children are ages 22 months and 4 months; both have very mild cases, on face only. doctor is not even positive it is chicken pox. i'm 36 yrs old and have never been exposed, to my knowledge. 22 month old had cpox vaccine at 13 mos.

Yes and it might be worse on you if you have never been exposed there is a shot they have to help fight it talk to your doctor if you have evr been exposed and not known it you might be immune to it some people are

Jan C
Probably not. If you didn't get chicken pox as a child, then you aren't likely to get them now.

i think there are chances that u might get it as well because i myself had chicken pox last year. my cousin was the 1st victim. he was only 6 yrs old and passed it on to me. i passed it on to my sister. and at last my father caught it. my mother had had chicken pox before 20 years . and i thuinki that the duration for the chicken pox not to occur again is 20 yrs.

Chandra H
If you have never had the chicken pox there is a good chance that you will get them. In some cases you may have the antibody that keeps you from getting the pox. I hope you don't get them because they are worse on adults than they are children

most likely yes

Probably yes. Even if you've had a mild case u can get it again. Plus, chicken pox in adults is more deadly than in children, however it's even worse for babies so I'd be more worried about your 4 month old. If your 22 month old had the vaccine though, it is unlikely they'd end up getting pox especially if your doc isn't sure that's what it is...could it be measles instead? I'd get a second opinion from another doc b/c it's not hard to find out for sure if it's pox- they swab the marks and test it in a lab!

peachie resurrected
my son had them and i thought i would die as I'm 49yrs old.i went to the dr,and she said it;s nothing i can do about it...8days came and i never got them,,,i must of been exposed when i was a kid and didn't even know....hopefully you won;t get them either,,,,,,good luck and take care of your babies hope they get well soon,!!

Dr. Robert Rice
you might or might not get it. you have PROBABLY been exposed and therefore have a natural immunity. not everyone who has an immunity to a certain ailment has had an outbreak of that ailment.

Hope this answers your question.

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