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cheska c
I have been exposed to a person who has chicken pox.I already had it when I was 12 yrs old.will i get it again

Some people can get the pox more than once but it is unusual. Chances are you are in no danger.

It has happend, but that is rare, you will be fine, if you developed an imunity when you got over it.

If you already had chicken pox then no you probably will not get it again. There is a chance you could get it again if you had a mild infection when you first had chicken pox and everyone who had chicken pox as a child is at risk of getting shingles later. Chicken pox virus stays latent (inactive) in people's bodies and sometimes comes back to develop into a painful form called shingles. It usually happens in the elderly when their immune systems are weakened. No one can prevent it or predict it and it doesnt happen to everyone who had chicken pox as a child. That is why it is important for children who never had chicken pox to have the vaccine now that there is one.
Don't worry about getting chicken pox again but do not continue to hang out with that person until they are 100% better. If you develop a fever or any red bumps in several places on your body tell your parents or doctor. Let them know you were exposed to chicken pox again and are having symptoms (if this happens).

yes, you can get it again, I had it twice and so did others I know. It used to be once, but recent years are showing a repeat - my doctor told me it is coming more than once nowadays.

no u wont and cant get it again....once u have chicken pox ur body creates antibodys that will fight the chicken pox virus if ur body is exposed so no u cant have chicken pox again

brad g
there is a 99.5% chance that you won't get it again. so you need not worry. however there is that .5% chane that you will get it again however the severity of it will be so diminished that you'll hardly know its there. just make sure to wash very thouroughly b/c you will be considered a carrier (doesn't affect you but you can give it to someone who hasn't yet contracted the virus.)

No you shouldnt get it again.

No because your body built immunity to it when you had it. That means that your body can protect itself against it if you are in contact with an infected person.

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