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I had a tb test done yesterday and today i have a big red circle.?
the red circle is NOT raised or blistered though. does this mean the test is positive??

the TB test needs to wait and be read between 48 and 72 hours. Then they measure the induration, or bump. Not the redness. Resist touching/scratching it or you could give yourself a false positive. Remember that this is a screening tool not a diagnostic test.
Also important.... Where did you grow up? As lots of countries use the BCG vaccine and that will give you a positive TB skin test which it's supposed to do.

You need to wait for the time to pass before the test is run. This may just be a normal reaction to being stuck.

No, not necessarily. Mine does that every time I am tested, but it isn't raised and doesn't itch. You should be fine, but they will tell you when they check it.

lil mami
your fine this is normal!

mark r
no, dont worry same thing happend to me.

I read TB skin tests and redness has nothing to do with a positive reading. I "bump" is a positive test (larger than 10mm for a healthy person) and these are only read after 48-72 hours. dont worry. And even positive tests require chest xrays to acutally diagnose tb

There are False Positives in these tests. You may be allergic to the test solution. They will do a chest X ray to see if you really have TB.

No. Positive is read at 48 hours and consists of a raised area (redness is optional)

Mrs. Anthony
I am a nursing student and I am required to have a 2 step PPD annually. For me, the injection site looks normal until 48 hours later and it turns into a red circle as you mentioned. The site was not raised or hardened so it was deemed negative.

You should be fine.. as long as the person who is reading your PPD is not a complete idiot it will be interpreted as negative. My personal physician once read my PPD as positive because my skin turned red and made me get a chest Xray to further diagnose. I was so angry because I have had countless numbers of TB tests and always had the same reaction which were always read as negative.

You may just have an allergic reaction to the protein derivative. Don't worry :)

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