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 I work in a hospital and contacted the noro virus . i would like to know how i am not given a mask to wear?
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jessica p
How much does it cost to keep a teminally ill person alive in a hospital?

more than we can make in a lifetime.......thousands per day

Kim Y
Depends upon the demographics. According to a seminar I just attended, for USA Average for a nursing home is $55,000 per year. Texas/Dallas Ft. Worth is $139-198 cost per day for nursing home. Home health care averages $85/day for US avg, and in Texas/Dallas Ft. Worth $16-140 per hour (Aid - vr - Registered Nurse).

Long Term Care costs:
Out of pocket 25%
Medicare 14%
Medicaid 44% (poverty level to qualify)
Private Ins 10%

Avg time in nursing home is 2.5 yrs

050307 9:02pm

Kelsey A
Actually, if a person is terminally ill, then keeping him or her in a hospital is usually not the best idea. Try hospice care, as they usually cost a lot less in the long run, and can make your friend or loved one comforatable while still attending to his or her medical needs. In addition to this, hospices often provide counselling services, both for the terminally ill person and his or her family, as well as help take take of planning for the funeral and getting legal issues, such as creating a will, taken care of before the person eventually passes. It's just that a lot of hospices have a waiting list, so you'd need to get on the ball and look into the idea as soon as possible. I don't know how much it will cost, as it varies greatly from city to city and even from hospice to hospice within the same city. Good luck, and best wishes to you and your family.

That depends greatly on a many things, including how aggressive the doctor is, how many tests they run (like x-rays, labs, CAT scans, MRI's, ect.), whether the person is kept in the ICU or not, whether the person is placed on all sorts of unique drugs, and how long they stay alive. It can easily be as high as millions of dollars.

A fortune. Think $10,000s a day - I'm not kidding.
Get insurance.

Neil L
That depends on what's wrong with them and the care required. Most terminally ill people prefer to be under hospice care and be at home.

James M
A terminally ill person is not kept in a hopital.

Those that are teminally ill, are sent to a HOSPICE which is opeated by the hospital. At that point Medicare and Medicaid pick up 100% of the bill for the persons final days or months that they live. No deductables here.

That depends...upon what hospital, city, etc, and what meds they are on.

That depends on what illness they have and what they need to keep them alive? Pain medication? Life support? Other devices and medications?

There are a lot of factors to consider.

What country is the person in? Here in the Philippines you can get a private suite for as little as $30.00 per day, plus professional fees and medicines. Total cost to a wide open question would estimate to be around 5000 pesos or $100.00 per day. Multiply that times 10 or more in the states.

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