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 If you found out you had AIDS would you get mad and purposely try n spread it?

james t
How long does malaria take to go?

I understood you never ever get rid of it. It lays dormant!!! and you become ill from time to time !!!

Hubby was in hospital for 5 days with it.
There a different types of stains, so depends what strain it is!
There is one strain where the parasite lives in the blood for ever and can attack again at any time in your life!

There are strains that can be cured, my husband had this strain!

there is not a specific time but why are you asking this to internet.go to the doctor and ask about it

♣ My Brainhurts ♣
My dad got it when he was a kid and he had it all his life.

It doesnt go - it flares up time and time again x

Darth Emiras
It doesn't, once you've got it, you've got it.
It will rear it's ugly head from time to time. It's considered pandemic in India, we get the flu, they get malaria.

Val G
It doesn't. Once you've had it, you are threatened with repeated bouts for the rest of your life. Under doctors supervision and with the correct medication it can be controlled though.

Portuguese doll
My father had malaria when he was living in Africa. And as far as I know he has malaria once in a while, even though it is 30 years later.
This disease is transmitted to humans by a mosquito bite. He has bronchitis once in a while, and it is in these periods that the malaria manifests, because body defences are low and susceptible to diseases. Now he knows how to treat it, but sometimes it is quite severe: headaches, severe temperature, chills, vomiting, etc.
You can prevent malaria by taking for example quinine doses everyday, but it cannot guarantee that you won't catch it, another way to avoid it, is to use insect nets, and stay away from mosquito areas at dusk and night. Because that's the time of the day, that mosquitoes look for human blood as it has proteins essential for their reproduction system (most people think they feed on our blood, but that is not true. Only female mosquitoes bite and it is a reproduction thing. If they fed on our blood male mosquitoes would bite as well)
This disease will never go away. When the mosquito bites, its saliva goes straight to the liver. Time from time parasites will be release in the blood stream and infect the body with malaria.

I hope I helped. At least I wrote almost everything I know about malaria and mosquitoes.

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