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Had to put it in another catagory as it got deleted!...

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jp.= the vicks these days isnt as strong as it used to be!!...

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than my throat
than the rash got worse and on my chest, and legs and feet and hands.
my ear has been killing this whole time
i D...

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Jayme S
How long does it take after being exposed to the stomach virus before you get it?
my boyfriend was at my house last night saying he didnt feel good and he woke up this morning throwing up! im going to ohio tomorrow and will be in the car for 12 hours! will i be sick tomorrow?

Doubtful - usually it takes 1-2 weeks for the virus symptoms to show up.

2 to 3 days sometimes up too a week ..all depends on your immune system.

it can take up to 4 days to for the body to react. But in some cases this can be less.

Really, no way of knowing. You don't know if food caused it or if a virus caused it. So, everything is up in the air. I would say 48 hours is your general rule, but this is something you will never know, unless you did eat together, then you can half-ay figure it out by timing when he ate and then got sick, but that is only a partial.

So, don't worry yourself over it, if your going to get sick, your going to get sick, just first see how sick he is before you leave, you don't want to travel if you do have a more severe form of food poisoning.

No. If the toxin (poisonous stuff) is on the food, because the bacteria (like staphylococcus) in the food made it, you will be sicl in 2 -4 hours. If you eat the bacteria that make the toxins (like salmonella), you will be ill in 12-24 hours.

If you ate the same stuff, you have already missed the puking stage,

Enjoy your journey and think positive.

Amy V
The "stomach virus," especially in adults, is almost always caused by bacteria in tainted food and not by a flu virus. Food poisoning can cause vomiting anywhere from immediately to four days after eating the tainted food depending on the bacteria involved.Sorry, but there's no way of knowing how you'll be feeling tomorrow :(

2-3 days.

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