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 Had the flu for a week, still experience diahrea?
sorry to gross you all out, but what the heck? Why am I still sick after a week? I've lost like 8 lbs? Anyone else sick like this?...

 What are the symptoms of alcohol poisoning?

 What could happen if a person with dirty hands puts their hands over your mouth?
could you get any sickness or disease?...

 My brother has a temperature of 104 degrees?
my brother says he feels cold, coughs alot, and says his legs and back hurts. Could this be symptoms of something dangerous? My mom and been putting a wet towel to his head to help out with the ...

 I have strep throat and i'm getting fevers, i get too hot. do i need to cover up still?
I got very hot so i took almost all of my clothes off. i don't know if this isn't good or not? because you know how people say to bundle up when you're sick....

 I'm sick of being sick...HELP?
I am living in Taiwan teaching English, missing the UK family and friends. Since I've been here i have been ill 3 times (in three months) these aren't ur average bugs...vomiting, diarrhea, ...

 If you are taking antibotics, will drinking alcohol make the antibotics not work?

 Do you think that we can overcome the spread of AIDS one day and if so how?
I mean there are so many people dying of this diease and you would think that with all of the technology that we have today, someone would have invented a total cure for this diease by now.... So ...

 White sore on my tongue? Looks like a zit.?
I have 2 white sores on my tongue, look like a zits. One got better and is fading away, one got more painful. I recently may have had mono and i was on antibotics...could this be a side effect of ...

 Does a AIDS patient capable of donating eyes..?

 Are piercing guns safe? Serious answers please*?
I recentley had my ears done with a piercing gun at claires and I have since then heard terrible things about doing this....Because they cant be properly cleaned...I am wondering if the risk is high ...

 I need seriously help please?
alright yesterday i washed the dishes someone have hiv sida without know that! then i go to eat something ! im pretty sure after eat that i washe my hand ! and not i dont any cut on my fnger! im ...

 Do you think there should be masks issued in the doctors surgeries and hospitals for people with colds?
I know most hospitals have them. All of them do no bring them out for visitors.

What is worse, than going to the doctors; ill from something that is not a cold; your resistance at it'...

 Answer as quick as possible!!!!?
hey everyone!!! does chicken noodle soup really work to make a sore throat feel better???? thanks!!!<3...

 How can I get rid of my sore throat?
I have a sore throat and bad cold. 30 days so far and I have tried everything....

 Should i see doctor or go to emergency room?
peeing alot and having the runs and been on antibiotics for sinus infection not clearing up and think i got other infections cause of antibiotic Im taken doxycycline hyclate and dont know all side ...

 Why do we call venerial disease a dose?

 Can hiv be obtained from this?
If you were in a city centre after vigorous raining (wet floor) and you had holes in your shoes and then rain water goes into your shoes, from the pavement, onto a cut in your foot, can you get hiv? N...

 Stomache flu =( PLease help?
Okay. this may seem like a stupid question but how many times do you vomit when you hvae the stomache flu. And when can i start to eat the regualr food i usually eat?!?!? PLease answer these ...

 What is the differenence between pandemic and epidemic?

ryan m
How long does cocaine take to get out of your saliva?

3-5 days

your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

3 to 5 days depending on usage

Saliva Testing
In the past few years, new technologies have been developed which allow for saliva testing for the presence of Cocaine. We do not currently have information about what the detection period is for these tests.

Ryan the police is on their way to your house, do not move!

doesn't it can also be traced for years in your hair folicals

i have heard it takes 3 months to be completely out of your system.

As Real As It Gets
What's it doing in your saliva in the first place?

It's illegal, you know.

3 to 5 days, drink a lot of acidic juices such as grapefruit and orange juice.

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