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BJ Mckay
How long after beginning antibiotics will strep throat feel better?
I've had a sore throat for 5 days. On day 3 it started to get worse. Day 4 I went to the hospital, was diagnosed with Strep Throat, and given Penicillin. I've been on this antibiotic for a day and a half. I can't keep any foods or liquids down. The Doc said get plenty of fluids, but I'd rather jump through a glass window than to feel the pain of something going down my throat. How long before I start to feel better?

You should start feeling better right away. I mean in about two days after taking the medication, there should be an improvement. I see that is not the case.

Are you allegic to the medication? Do you have another condition as well as a strep throat? You won't get better until your stomach settles down. You need something to settle your stomach immediately.

You can use something to temporarily relieve the pain in your throat, like Chloraseptic. Although it masks the problem, you are dealing with it.

Apparently, you need to see a doctor again.

The sad part of Emergency room medicine is that it is focused only on getting the condition stabilized rather than cured. As you can tell from your treatment, you are stil very ill and won't get better until all facets of your health are examined.

a good 48 hrs usually does the trick, but TAKE THE FULL COURSE!!! Don't just stop taking them when you feel better or it can come back with a vengence!!!

Campfire Stories
1 week-2 weeks
remember to keep taking antibiotics until your prescription runs out! you dont want to have it all over again in a couple of months!

you should look into getting something to soothe your throat, so you can take the medicine.

Penicillin is pretty strong. Give it a full 48 hours of the correct dose the doctor prescribed. Feel Better!

Try yogourt, jell-o, pudding, ice cream. It takes a good 7-14 days for antibiotics to work. Ice chips

It usually takes 3-4 days before your infection gets under control when you take antibiotics. Gargle with salt water. I also found gargling with Chlorohexidine (mouth rinse for gum disease) helps. If you don't feel better in 3-4 days, go back to your doctor, your body may have developed a Penicillin resistant. Hope this helped!

i feel ur pain..im always sick like that, u should take it as soon as u feel the sore throat so u could have stopped the strep throoat before it got worse, maybe a week or to..take ur anti biotics though, take them as many times a day as u can

you should feel better really soon. if you dont in the next day i would go back to the doctor. you may need a different type of antibiotic. i usually ask for a zpac b/c its only a 4-5 days of taking pills, not 7-10 days. plus it knocks it out fast. as always do what you think is best. if you think you should go back now, go back now. or call to talk to a doctor. good luck

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