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NOT FOR ME, For my animals....

How do you get hepatitis c from hands?
I'm interested in getting a tattoo and people are saying that you can get hepatitis c from dirty hands? But, doesn't the tattoo artist wear gloves? I am confused.

Hepatitis C is transmitted primarily through the blood. There is a small chance of contracting hep. c through tattooing. I've talked to people who have contracted through dirty needles and unsterilized equipment. You can't get hep. c through hand to skin contact unless the artist was actively bleeding. Saying that, most artist are also more concerned wit what the customer can potentially give them than what you can get from them. A good tattoo artist either double gloves or wears puncture proof gloves. No you cannot get hep. c from hand to skin contact. You can shake someones hand that has hep.c and not contract the virus. If you have questions just ask your tattoo artist or visit CDC.gov and look up hepatitis c.

You don't get hepatitis C from dirty hands. You only get it from needles. You get hepatitis A from dirty hands.

I C Gay People
No way but you can get it from an ifected needle, that statement sounds as a stupid attempt to avoid you from doing it, the last one is a totally true fact

Although this is not the means by which most cases are contracted, it is conceivable that a tattoo artist could handle contaminated equipment and touch the gloves he/she is about to put on thereby contaminating them and you. Your concern is understandable and you can make sure you observe that the tattoo artist washes his or her hands before touching the gloves.

Hepatitis C is only spread through blood to blood contact - you cannot get it from dirty hands. it is a blood borne virus. It is possible to contract Hep C while getting a tattoo if the needle is not new and unused or the ink has been contaminated. This would happen if the ink was taken from a larger container, then used to tattoo someone and then the excess ink poured back into the larger container.
Always insure new needles and new ink is used - if in doubt ask the tattoo parlour to explain their practises to you - you do have the right to ask. Keep yourself safe and ask questions!

Girl, my husband has been a master tattoo artist for 15 years now and I have been around the business for 4. A lot of tattoo artist that I have met take short cuts in their business. I don't know these artist personally however I have heard about this for years. Some artist don't sterilize their equipment properly. Once a series of needles have been used on a person, it is mandatory for the artist to steralize the needles in a auto-clave (a high pressured devise that hospitals use.) However some tattoo studios don't have the money to purchase one or they are simply to lazy to clean their stuff. Hepatitis C can be transmitted via the blood on dirty needles. My advise would be for you to find a replicale shop with a good name. Make sure the artist wears gloves and only uses his shaving razors once and throughs them away. Everyone gets shaved prior to a tattoo in the area that the tattoo is going to go.
Good luck! If you have any more questions, feel free to E-mails us. shadowdority@hotmail.com

You've already received a lot of good answers, and I'd like to reinforce them. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne disease. Dirty hands won't spread hep C, although bloody hands might if the blood is from someone with the hep C virus and it enters your body through a cut or tear in your skin. The risk in tattoing is from blood backing up into the ink tubes; a tattoo artist would be shut down for health violations if he/she reused needles or razors.

Greg I
You got good answers here from many people, but yes you can get HCV from dirty hands, it depends on what the substance was that made them dirty. Whoever told you all this either didn't want you to get a tat, has only seen tat artists while in jail / prison, or has watched too many movies.
Most tat artists don't want HCV any more than you do, they have all kinds of measures to take to prevent it. Most have been covered here, but I still make sure that only the amount of dye needed for that day's work on me is mixed up. That way I know the dye is clean too.
Now back to dirty hands. In jail / prison, and old movies you see the artist wipe the excess die and blood off the tat so that it's easier to see the progress. That would leave all kinds of blood products on the hands, even if it's rinsed or wiped off, you don't need to see it for it to be there. These days though the use of disposable gloves and disposable wipes takes that out of the process. If someone tries to put a back alley tat on you, just GO AWAY. There is no reason to put yourself in jeopardy when there are professionals out there to get a tat from.
P.S. Take a disposable towel with you to put down on any support surface (chair back, etc.), most clean these surfaces, but it takes a minimum of 10% bleach solution to kill HCV, and it can live on a surface not cleaned with bleach for 3 - 7 days.
I know you aren't hearing this from the others, but I've had HCV for 30+ years. I focus on the possible transmission areas, most focus on the odds of getting it.
P.P.S. My ex & oldest two kids are clear - no HCV, so is my present wife and two younger kids. I may recommend more safety measures than are absolutely needed, but I prefer to not meet more people new to dealing with this sh*t.

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