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Jessica T
How do u get rid of a tick?

DO NOT burn it while it is still attached.This will make it bury deeper.

People, if you do not know what the hell you are talking about, don't freaking reply!

Simply use tweezers.Make sure to get the head.

Tracy T
Light a match, blow out the flame, tehan stick the hot head of the match to the tick. He should pull right off.

HI there! I have a way that does not require burning. You take some oil and put it where the tick is and then get tweezers to pull it out.You must make sure that you get the entire tick. That is the reason for the oil-it has nothing to grab on to. I wish you the best luck in your effort to remove the tick.

Don't just pull the thing out. The head will detach and be left in your skin to infect it. Don't burn it or apply nail polish or anything else to it, you could make the tick regurgitate poison back into you. Simply take a pair of tweazers and gently grasp as close to the skin as possible the head of the tick and pull him out of there. You'll see he's still alive and hasn't poisoned you further. After that, flush him!!!

yo yo yo

Take a pair of tweezers and grab it right behind the head ( if you can't get the head itself), and pull it out gently. If you burn it, it could burrow deeper and cause major health problems. Just make sure you don't pop the head off.

You have to burn it out with a lighter.

grasp it and pull gently until it comes loose then destroy it.

Sometimes this works. Put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball & place it on the tick. He should back out for a second or two, so you have to be quick & grab it with the tweezers. Be sure to burn the tick after.

Michelle Obama
Tick's mouthparts have reverse harpoon-like barbs, designed to penetrate and attach to skin. Ticks secrete a cement-like substance that helps them adhere firmly to the host.Use a cotton swab dipped in turpentine to swab the tick...and after a few minutes the tick's mouth parts will release. Only when you have dissolved the cement can you:
1) Use fine-point tweezers to grasp the tick at the place of attachment, as close to the skin as possible.
2) Gently pull the tick straight out.
3) Place the tick in a small vial labeled with the victim's name, address and the date.
4) Wash your hands, disinfect the tweezers and bite site.
5) Mark your calendar with the victim's name, place of tick attachment on the body, and general health at the time.
6) Call your doctor to determine if treatment is warranted.
7) Watch the tick-bite site and your general health for signs or symptoms of a tick-borne illness. Make sure you mark any changes in your health status on your calendar.
8) If possible, have the tick identified/tested by a lab, your local health department, or veterinarian.

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