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 Yeast In.?
What if u hav a Yeast infection and u dont go to the doc.?? What will happen??? How does a Yeast I. start???????????? How to get rid of one???

My friend wants to no. not me ewwy!...

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 Can i still get flu even if i had a flu shot?

 Have you ever had Laryngitis? and if you have, how long did it last and what was it from?
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 I had my ears pierced with a needle, and I don't know if it's sterile.?
The earrings were new and sterile for sure, and the needle was probably changed after use. I am really scared because I don't know if the machine was used on other people and who they were. IF ...

How can you get rid of dry mucus from the nose without picking it?

you heard of tissues?

jock Mc doogle
i find if you lie down and let your dog do it ...if you can stand there tounge up your nose ....


Barry L
Get someone else to pick it

snort and swallow

I think, it is better to clean your nostrils soon after your shower.By using a tissue, it makes the things easier. I think, using saline sprays are the good idea but, it may not clear all debris from your nostrils. You may have to use tissues after the saline spray to clean it thoroughly.
The lesson is, clean it when it is wet.
Hope, this helps.

Look at this thing!

Saline nasal spray...squirt in the nostrils and blow into kleenex.

Tracey W
Get some saline solution from the chemist and squirt up your nose - this will soften the dry mucus and then you will be able to blow!

Gawaine R
Spray it with a normal saline solution (this is available over the counter at any pharmacy). Or, do it the old fashioned way and snort water.

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