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Honest Abe
How can I get a bug out of my dad's ear?
My dad has had a bug logged in his ear for a couple weeks now. He WILL NOT go to the doctor to get it removed. We killed the bug with oil and have tried flushing it out with water and peroxide. I have tried getting it with tweezers very gently but only succeed in getting little pieces. I can't get a hold of the bug because its logged and I don't want to push it further back. Is there some kind of ear vacuum devise or something else I can do to help him?

By the sounds it's a tick as this is what they do.
You had better get him to the doctor as ticks give out paralysis poison and can affect the brain.
Ticks can kill dogs and us if it get's big enough.
He will start having a balance problem and it will get worse.
Make sure there's nowehere else on his body or head. my uncle had one hidden in his beard so be careful.
The doctor is the best procedure if you want your dad to live.

Check google for paralysis ticks to see if it's the same bug.
There are a lot of varieties but they do the same thing.

If he still doesn't want to go it is up to you on whether you still want a stubborn dad alive or dead.

I think you've done all you can at home. It will either come out with time or get infected and he'll have to go to the doctor anyway.

Red S
OKAY! there are two ways of doing this. First shine a light in the ear, bugs always 'go to the light'. if this does not work. Put some WARM oil dropping in his ear to make the bug float out. If both does not work, NEVER put something foreign in the ear and seek medical attention.

you will have to force him to the doctor or he can keep it there.

Jeff M
just tilt his head and use more peroxide.it will take care of it

Boy, that must be some bug. Please talk him into going to an ENT doctor. He has the necessary instruments, and your dad could get a terrible infection if the bug isn't removed soon. At the very least he could get a punctured ear drum from all that poking around in his ear. And are you sure it's a bug and not a growth or something?

Mum Mum
Go to the hospital. They will remove it.

Judge Sludge says:
use an ear syringe and flush the ear canal with warm water, that should work but it may take sometime to work...just keep flushing until you get the results you're looking for....

piano teacher
I agree with judge sludge. You can also try using a water pick with warm saline. That may sound crazy to some, but it's actually what the pediatrician's office used when my daughter had ear gunk built up in her ear. If the water pick (yes, like what you use on your teeth) has different settings for how hard the spray is, use the gentle one.

Make sure the saline is not hot.... but not cold, either.

If this doesn't work, definitely make him go to the doctor.

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