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dis is my science fair ...

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 Arent you sick of looking for the right category?

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I mean freezer, not fridge....

 Does any one else think that POPPETTS is sad, rude,& thinks shes a BAD GIRL,WHATEVER.stop sendin stupid answer

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I've been taking theraflu but i dont feel any better.
how do i know if im taking the right medicne?

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Has anyone gotten sick from prewashed, bagged lettuce?

I have but it wasnt that bad. my lil sister got ecola from it and she almost ended up in the hospital. they say u can get sick if they dont wash all the pesticides off of it and all the other chemicals. ths could cause u to got really sick!

Come to Daddy
i haven't but you should wash them well because they aren't that thorough. in the farms they come in contact with animal poop, so the can get contaminated with ecoli.

No, but you can!

I recently bought a bag of fresh baby spinach, yeah real fresh-there was a frog in it!!!! I thought it was a brown twig and then my son picked it up and informed me it was once a frog!!! All hell broke loose and I haven't finished with the supermarket yet and to answer your question, YES!!!

Awesome Kai
i haven't but i heard that they don't wash the lettuce properly or something like that.

sure the water contains amoebas we dont have normally so wash it again as they cause the runs water anywhere thats not bleached will do it

Dan S
Yes there have been outbreaks of the gram negative sewage bacterium Escherichea coli, and also the serious protozoal parasite Cryptosporidium. I believe the protozoal pest Giardia lamblia (the causative agent of giardiasis, a.k.a. beaver fever) was traced back to contaminated lettuce or bean sprouts.
The National Institute of Health and U.S. government officials have had strong words with several Central American countries to better police growers/exporters to prevent them from using untreated sewage water for their exported vegetable crops.

Sweet Pea
I haven't, thank god, but many people have apparently. The Dole brand recently made the headlines when a series of outbreaks of E.coli (bacteria found in feces) occurred from bagged and prewashed lettuce. E. Coli is serious and people can get very sick from it - vomiting and profuse diarrea - so these prewashed products need to be closely monitored. None of us know what the cleaning process is for the bagged stuff, so we have no idea who is washing it, if their hands and the equipment are clean, etc. I used to love the ease of these bags, but these days I have gone back to buying a good old head of lettuce that is whole and I wash it myself, thoroughly.

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