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Everyone in my family has had the flu except me! How can I avoid getting sick?

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My parents both got the vaccine, and they still got sick.

Keep a safe distance from those who have th flu, and dont drink after anyone!! NO ONE.

The only other thing that u can do is take vitamins, and maybe ask a doctor. Take vitamins that strengthen ur immune system.... take vitamin c's....

I hope that I helped!!

PS... eat healthy and wash ur hands and body all of the time

eeEK a mouse
Start taking some Emulsified Cod Liver Oil

Stay away from home.

seems you already have..

take vitamin c like oranges and drink plenty of water

shots does not guarantee anything. it may help to minimize symptoms.
if you have a healthy immune system, you can avoid it. also wash your hands often.

call me wilson
vitamin c eat strawberries they have more vitamin c than oranges and try not to share drink and things like that

wash your hands alot. dont touch things they touch. drink water. stay out of the house as much as possible

One avoid them - stay in your room,

two eat plenty of fruit = plenty of vit C which will help boost your immune system

Three- drink lots of water, flush your body out of toxins to aid getting rid of the bug

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands :) That is the best method to avoid catching the flu.

You can't, its probably too late. But avoid any and all contact with mucus membranes, specifically your eyes, nose, and mouth. Wash hands, wash hands, and wash hands

Britney H
two words: VITAMIN C! and you should also not share any eating utincils or anything with them.. wash your hands a lot, too! :) good luck!

I'm not sure you can avoid it; but take airborne. That stuff literally kills any virus I have had in half. I haven't had a cold or flu all season; all thanks to Airborne.

Oh, and use lots of hand sanitizer; do not pick your nose; do not chew on your nails, and drink lots of orange juice. Because I don't do these nasty things; I rarely get sick.

Keep on taking vitamins and increase your b12. I would also take a mild cold med. Like Tylenol cold or Robitussin. Even if you just take a teaspoon i have found that it keeps your body fighting any possible symptoms. I would also listen to everyone else keep a distance from them, dont share drinks, snacks. Boil your tooth brush or buy a new one.

♥Cutie Patootie!♥
vitamines and dont get in their faces...make sure they're on an antibiotic...after 24 hours on that they arent contageous

Just try not to stand do near them when they talk to you and make sure you don't share food and you wash cutlery properly.

My Mum and sister had really bad flu not too long ago and I missed catching it because I did that.

Also I think that because my sister is very young and that my Mum is older so they are less likely to fight the bug as well as some one my age is.

Marissa C
Is it the stomach flu??

if it is.. im in the same boat.

Its actually a virus so there isnt really a way to stop it. Just wash your hands a lot. Make sure you dont drink out of the same cups. Basically dont let any of their inner fluids into you body. Thats where the virus lives.

loopy loo
you must be doing something right already as you are only one not sick. constant washing of hands. and try to keep your hands away from your face is all i can recommend

Amy W
Frequent hand washing, seperate dishes and towels, don't hug, flu shot helps, invest in hand sanitizer, get lots of rest in clean bedding, and if all else fails, wear a surgical mask

Wash your hands and you could wear a mask if you want to go and see them plus stay warm but not to hot

The flu is very easily transferred from one person to another, but you can still try to boost your immune system as much as possible. Take Vitamin C daily ( I take 2, which equals 1000mg), get some Airborne mix it up and drink that daily as well. Drink lots of water, powerade, and gatorade. Otherwise just eat lots of fruit and vegetables, try not to get too close to your parents if it's not necessary. You should also get some Lysol and spray it on everything they use (ex. phone, door nobs, pillows, blankets) ... pretty much anything they come into contact with. You may still get the flu ... but these things should help make it a lot less likely.

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