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Does taking pain relievers causes kidney malfunction?
I have a kidney stone does taking pain reliever pill do harm to my kidney

As long as you're taking the pain reliever as directed/prescribed it shouldn't. Possible severe side effects of some pain relievers such as ibuprofen, aspirin and aleve can have possible impairment of kidney function though it is not as common. But you shouldn't be asking us, you should ask your doctor or pharmicist.

just take a pain reliever & u'll know.

Earlier someone complained of kidney pain after using 2 pain killers. Just say no to drugs.

Patricia F
Yes it might I recommend taking Triple Berry Complex, its an all natural tablet from Herbalife. It contains an exclusive blend of whole Cranberries, Blueberries and the fruit, Bilberry, to help maintain urinary tract health. I take this every day, I had kidney infection a few months ago. Its good for men and women (even though it might be in the women`s section.
this is their website www.beaturlbs-mall.com

yes, it affects the kidneys and the liver. the liver is the detoxifier, but like the stomach and tylenol, too much is not a good thing.

pain relievers can be bad to some people's livers, while other seem to tolerate it. At any rate, I'd still say, check with your doctor first before taking it.

Pretty much ANY drug can cause kidney damage if you take too much of it. Pain relievers can be harsh on your stomach. If you are really concerned you can always ask your doctor to run some tests and see how your kidneys are doing. Good luck!

There have been studies that link heavy usage of Tylenol and other brands of acetaminophen to kidney damage.

i know too much tylenol is no good for the liver - don't know what pain pills do to kidneys.

ibuprofen can be very hard on the kidneys. Tylenol is very hard on the liver if taken to excess or with any alcohol. If you have a kidney stone you need to be taking the pain killers your Dr prescribed, typically something like demerol with no additional drugs mixed with it.

kidney stone is a mechanical pathology, and stone may cause kidney damage, but pain reliever are worst, if you do not use them as your doctor prescribe it, becouse AINES stop the formation of prostaglandin, that is a substance that generate a glomerular vasodilatation, and becouse of that protecs your kidney , if you take a lot pain reliever and for a long time your kidney cells will be t=damage beuse of the internal pressure that prostaglandin avoid


Depends on the type of stones you have, there are 4 major types of kidney stones. Chances are however that NO the pain reliever will not make it worse. Vicodin works very well for pain from kidney stones. If you need something that isn't prescription I suggest Azo Standard or UriStat (both are pyridium drugs and specifically for urinary tract pain).

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