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it's not 'tic' or whatever you call it. (i think)
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 Chicken Pox just happens to white people? I never heard of Chinese person having it, are they more immune?

Additional Details
not being racist. It just happens to be fact each is more prone to some diseases than others. example anemia in orientals, cycle-cell anemia in black people, breast ...

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I need to interview someone with ulcers for my project
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 I think I have mono?
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 I had a sandwich & when I was about to finish eating,I found a small hair in it..could cause any prob or AIDS?

Does hydrogen peroxide kill hiv?
does it?
Additional Details
i meant outside the body, jesus you people are idiots, sorry, but anyone with half a brain wouldn't think that drinking hydrogen peroxide would cure them. I mean on a surface or needle. Idiots

HIV is a virus, and once you get it, there is no turning back...

Hydrogen Peroxide does not kill a virus...

Hydrogen Peroxide has shown to be an extremely effective antibiotic, however, to this date no complete analysis has been performed to investigate its effectiveness again the Human In. Virus. Otherwise, it's price would skyrocket. Here is a little data for you to read. http://freedomantiviral.addr.com/anti_microbials.htm

I know hydrogen peroxide can kill viruses but I don't believe it can kill HIV. Not sure though.

im pretty sure he means does it kill hiv if someone has it and bleeds on a table, can you wash it with peroxide and kill it, not actually drinking it and curing the virus from your body. Still the answer is no, just google it and it will list what products does kill it though, I think bleach might.

Almost anything will kill HIV outside of the body. It is a very weak and fragile virus, and like all viruses it requires human/plant cells to survive.

So, yes, like you have already found out hydrogen peroxide will kill HIV. So will exposure to air (dries up the fluid containing HIV), heat, any type of acid etc.,.

Interestingly enough, a few years ago someone came into my office and said he had a cure for HIV/AIDS --- drinking hydrogen peroxide. I did some searching and found a quack website on the topic. This will not work and can be very dangerous.

Paul C

no, where the heck did you get that idea?

if it did, do you think ppl would have hiv/aids today?

the answer is no

Jeremiah J
Wow, since it has oxide in it maybe that means it has something that'd desroy the virus. If it could then maybe we could pump a bunch of that into hiv infected people's blood and kill off that virus for good, but ,if u have aids anyone, dont' try it because I just made this up.

umm no the only thing that will kill hiv is killing the person that has it

I assume you mean on surfaces. No. Try Sporicidin.

If it did, then there would be a cure and so far researchers are still working in this field. But HIV/AIDS are still a controversy amongst people today.

sorry, but no, it doesn't

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