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Does ginger ale really help your throat when you're sick?
I'm not sure about it because it comes in a pop can so the last thing you should drink when you're sick is pop. And people tell me things like "don't drink milk when you're sick, drink some ginger ale." What does it do exactly?

ginger ale helps your stomach but tea will help your throat

Loves Van Halen
Ginger Ale doesn't help a sore throat. If you have an upset stomach, it will help in settling it. Ginger is a root and it helps if you are nausea's and vomiting. That's why people say to drink it if you have an upset stomach.

Ginger is an anti-nausea remedy that is why ginger-ale is said to be good to drink when you are ill.

It settles your stomach. I forgot the technical terms of it, but I know that it settles my stomach whenever I'm sick. As far as I know, it has nothing to do with your throat.

Ginger ale doesn't help a sore throat, but it doesn't hurt it either. Milk coats a throat, which isn't good when it is infected. Also, you would be better off gargling with salt water or listerine if your throat is sore.

no, but it makes you feel better for a short time...

Ginger ale does NOT help your throat when sick. Most ginger ales either have no real ginger or contain "natural flavor". From Wikipedia:

"Ginger ales come in two varieties: golden ginger ale and dry ginger ale. Golden ginger ale, dark colored and strong flavored, is the older style. today, in 2008, golden ginger ale is an uncommon, and usually regional, drink. Vernors, Blenheim, Chelmsford, and Red Rock are brands of golden ginger ale, while Canada Dry, Schweppes and Seagram's are major brands of dry ginger ale."

The golden ales (red rock, etc) will help but are not easy to find. However, real ginger WILL help you. You're best of just going by boiling real ginger in some water and drinking it.

if you put Alot of honey in tea it will clear your throat...trust me. my grandma would make my chow down a spoonfull of hunny to make the throat better!

it works so well!!!

Ginger ale is for nausea. And yes, that helps. So do ginger snaps. It's not so much the tea for the sore throat, it's the honey you put in the tea, that makes it feel better.

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