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umm this might be a bit weird D:
but uhh i wanted to know if i have food poisening

i've been havin "the runs" all morning
and my stomachs been hurting and i threw ...

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Any preventative measures?
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E Coli isn't gonna kill him, and its no reason to call 911....

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From alcohol....

Does anyone know if a tongue ring can cause strep throat or throat infections?

No. Never

It depends on if it is in a dog or cat. Cats have a special tongue that is coated with infection resistant layer of rough membrane useful for cleaning their fur among other things. Dogs on the other hand, with their long dangling tongues, can often get infection just in passing, such as laying about on a park bench or wearing the owner's underwear on head.
If your pet appears to be having problems, please consult a vet, or at least pet store. There may be simple steps you can take to have your pup or kitten up and running.

Negative as far as i know. From experience of course. The only thing i know it does cause is teeth problems. You bite on them pretty hard occasionally, sometimes breaking your teeth (as i have three times) (and its not that im a dumb *** its that sometimes your barbell gets caught up in your food before you know it and you bite down) and of course the tapping of the barbell all the time wears the enamel off your teeth. So if you love your teeth take care of them, Try taking the barbell out at night while you sleep. That will at least lessen the enamel wear.

the ring itself cannot cause an infection. most infections are caused by a virus or bacteria. it is possible that your poor oral hygeine can cause the infection.

It shouldn't cause throat infections, but it could cause tongue infections that can maybe but I am not sure to the throat. I would see your doctor.

Jasmine Lily
I've had mine pierced for 10 years, and haven't had problems. Of course, each time I go to a doctor, they make comments about it.
Despite their attempts to scare me, I've had no trouble.

John C
Anything like this has the potential to harbor food etc. debris, which is a little beyond the saliva's reach, so if left unchecked this could be a potential infection site for the rest of your body.
If you have a tongue ring you need to be more careful in brushing round it & probably using a mouth rinse & jiggeling the ring to ensure the rinse gets in.

Yes all the time, toungue rings are extremly painfull too. DONT GET ONE.
#1 there butt ugly
#2 very hard to make out with somebody with out scratching them all up.
#3 hurts
#4 you have to pay to get them in, so why pay to get pain?
#5 holds infections in it.

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