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Hannah L
Does amoxicillin turn your pee orange?
or is something else wrong with me? i'm taking it for strep throat.
Additional Details
okay, maybe not orange but very dark yellow. i can definitely smell the antibiotic. i'm also eating lots of popsicles that are red and orange.

~~eddie m~~~
no it shouldnt do
are you drinking enough fluids?

Melody L
It turns mine a glow in the dark yellow

By the way, doctor oz said on oprah today that antibotics turns your pee yellow just like vitamins do. it is fine

yes it can make it an odd color than what it is normally. Don;t worry its nothing to be concerned about!

It depends if you are an orange, if you are it's perfectly fine.

Otherwise generally it's a sign of dehydration, did you drink enough water?

It is safe to say though that you should still call your doc and ask if there is any worry. Better safe than an orange.

mine turned very dark yellow.

Stevie. [Gabor]
Yeah, that's normal don't worry. =)

Amanda P
Yes - it has always done that when I've been on it

Amoxicillin should not affect urine it's probably something you drank or ate or it could just be whatever caused the strep throat

B complex will turn your pee bright yellow.



Orange (as opposed to yellow or slightly brownish) urine is NOT normal. It is a sign of liver or sometimes urinary tract disease.

[Edit] Intensely yellow urine is normal after taking a number of products, particularly B group vitamins. Urine from people taking penicillins such as amoxicillin typically has a distinctive, "yeasty" smell.

The reason I answered in CAPITALS is that truly orange urine (the color of Fanta) is a classic sign of hepatitis. Reddishly discolored urine can indicate bleeding from the kidneys, which can happen in post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis.

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