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 How many tetanus shots do we need and how often should we get them? Thanks in adveance! I need an answer ASAP!

 Is this just flu?
I havent felt well in days, have had fever/chills/body aches, but what is troubling me is that though I have deep, dry cough, when I finally do cough something up, it is mostly bloody (not frothy) ...

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I have heard that Hepatitis C is a silent disease, so when should I go for a hepatitis C test? Please give me more information about it....

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 Can I get AIDS from a public toilet ?

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 Parents...have you or will you vaccinate your child for Meningococcal Meningitis?
I don't know where everyone is from, but where I am from, they are advertising the Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine for school age children, and people going to college.

I have a 7 ...

 Sweat and hiv possibility...?
hi, this qn may look stupid.. but factual answers are needed.
pls consider this scenario carefully.

a hiv+ person sat on the seat of a train (cushion). somehow his sweats containing ...

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I imagine says they have to be so careful of germs that plants are not allowed in their rooms. Any suggestions?...

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what is strep caused by
how do u get rid of it?(is it treatable?)
is it viral ?
is it gentic ?
how do u get it ?
what dose it do?
can u take med to prevent it ?...

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i have been told i should go have my jabs before i travel to Africa but ive also been told i should have one against hepatitis A. what is hepatitis A and how do you catch it?...

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I heard of a staph infection but what is one??? I'm kinda clueless on this one....

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I'm not trying to skip school or anything... its really important... and I don't know anyone else sick....

 What is it with "BECKYBOO430?"?

 Have the government released airbourne jerms?

 I poked my hand with a retail tag puncher needle. Should I worry?
You know those needles on tag punchers? I threw the puncher into the air and caught it but just kinda stabbed my hand with the needle. The lable on the side says that life threatening diseases can be ...

 What can I do about my bladder infection?
What can I do about my bladder infection until I can see a doctor? I know it's a UTI, becuase I've had one before, and my symptoms are the exact same. Is there a way to get rid of it ...

Does a mortician sew a persons mouth and eyes closed after death?

You didn't ask for all that crap the mortician's wife posted, did you?? You just wanted a simple answer to your question, right? Not a course in mortuary science.


But Inside I'm Screaming
No, not anymore....now a special adhesive is used.

My husband is a mortician. I used to do the ladies hair and help him. Glue is used. Sometimes if a mouth is hard to keep closed. . . .now this is gross. . . . .a wire is put through the top and bottom gums and twisted together. Then glue is lightly put on the lips. Lots of ugly things have to happen to make a body look presentable. The eyes don't completely open nor the mouth but if they just relax even slightly this could be very unsettling for the family. A lot depends on how and where the person died.

The process involves cutting a 2-inch incision, usually in the neck, and using tubing to flush blood out of the body's arterial system and replace it with a mixture of formaldehyde, ethyl alcohol and other ingredients. The fluid used in the 60- to 90-minute process includes moisturizers that keep tissue soft. The internal organs are also embalmed using a special technique and fluid.

With the body properly embalmed, it's time to consider cosmetic corrections. Depending on the manner of death, some corpses require extra attention before they can be seen.

All open orifices are stuffed with cotton to prevent leakage (purging)

Most mortuary students before they are certified have to demonstrate that they can re-create common body parts from wax. In school, you are required to build an ear, a mouth, a nose and an eye.

The goal is to make the dead person look natural and normal. This helps family members begin to deal with the death.

Eyes are typically glued closed with a special glue. Lips are treated with one of several kinds of wax, which allows them to glide into place. Because muscle tension disappears after death, it's necessary to arrange a final expression before gluing lips in place as well. You could put a smile on, but generally it's relaxed. One could work from a favorite photograph as well.

An array of cosmetics, many specially designed for corpses, come next. Many families agree to bring the person's own cosmetics.

Hair arrangement comes next. The hair is washed and set to dry and style.

Bodies are dressed and then arranged carefully in a casket for viewing.

No, we use super-glue to close the eyes and mouth, although the mouth is held in place by wires injected into the gums or with a sub-mandibular suture.

No. They are glued shut (seriously).

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