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Do you require a doctors note if you are sick for 6 working days excluding weekend?
I am being asked for a doctor's note from my employer for being off for 6 working days, which went over a weekend. Weekend is not part of my working week so I was off for 6 working days and the legislation stipulates a doctor note for sickness more than 7 days but doesn't pecify if this is for 7 working days?

Thank you.

after first 3 days you need a doctors note

In the uk, you need a certificate after 7 days of sickness including the weekend, so yes you do need a certificate

For illness of 3 days or more up to a week, you need to get a self-certificate from the doctor's receptionist. 7 days or more and you need a sick not from the doctor.

He probably want to know if you were really out sick, or where you faking it. Lots of people fake their sick time hours and go out and have fun at the expense of their employer. What legislation are you referring to? I know of no legislation. Now, the employer can put in writing to the employees how many days they have to be out sick before they need a doctor's note to return to work. Where I work, if we are out sick more than 3 days, than we must have a note to return to work.

Check your contract. Some employers specify that they need a doctor's note after 3 working days.

5 working days is standard, and protects you to an extent as well as your employer. The idea is to make sure that A) you aren't lying and B) you aren't likely to be spreading nasty lurgs around the office.

Think about it this way: You wouldn't be impressed if someone working for you (eg a builder) disappeared for several days claiming to be ill, then came back with a tan expecting payment for work not done.

If you have proof you were genuinely ill, it works in your favour to provide it, since if you don't cooperate you end up looking dodgy, and it could be used against you when your pay and/or career prospects get reviewed. Hand over the doctor's note and they have no right to discriminate against you for unauthorised absence.

If your illness is one you don't want others in the company to hear about, you can provide the doctor's note in a sealed envelope addressed directly to whoever is in charge of hiring and firing and specifically request that the details remain confidential. This is your legal right under the Data Protection Act and as such they are obliged to honour your request unless they can prove that the medical condition is ongoing and will seriously affect your ability to do your job (eg if you're a furniture remover with a severe back injury) and the safety of those around you.

Best of luck and don't take it too personally!

Most jobs I've worked at require a doctor's note for being out sick 2 or more days...

If you want to keep your job, and they want a slip from your Dr. Get it. Alot of places ,Vermont in Particular, have Right to work law, You have a right to work and they have a right to fire you if you don't follow their rules. Or complain to much.

The answer is "Yes". The weekend is academic as you were sick. You will need a medical certificate to cover this period.

All depends on your companies HR policies. Check with them to find out for sure.

you need a self certificate for first 5 day after that you need one off doctor

You self certificate for the first 7 days, after that you need a doctors cert.

Lynn S
Yes you need a sick note from your doctor. The seven days thing is in fact based on a standard week of 5 working days and two days off. As you were sick for 6 working days, you will need to produce a doctors letter to that effect. You can only self-certificate illness for 5 working days.
This is where it gets difficult, you have to have seen your doctor on day 6 to get that letter, they cannot be backdated and if you did not see your doctor they will not write one for you as that is illegal.
Your only thing you can press in your defense at this point is if you are not contractually obliged to work weekends, in which case this reduces the number of days you were off by two which may take you back in to self-certification territory, can you clarify exactly which days you were off?

I think you'll find it's over 5 working days when you need a certificate.

yes i think you do. but it is different for every job.

Always better to be safe then sorry, and if you get a sick note through the doctor, at least your know if anything is wrong with you!

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