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bobby D
Do you kill more germs washing your hands with warm water or cold water? does it matter?

Water temperature doesn't matter, unless it's boiling hot water. What kills the germs is the soap, not the water. The water has germs in itself.

it really doesnt matter as long as you use something with it

doesn't matter, the soap is what does the trick.

warm water kills more germs. you should always wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Roxstar Barbie
Hot water. It's best to wash your hands with water that's the hottest it can be without causing any discomfort. And use a good soap that actually says on the bottle that it's anti-bacterial.

[L0V3D 0N3]

warm water because germs like cold water

Cold water does nothing to kill germs, there's a reason they use burning hot water to wash things in restaurants. And soap DOES NOT KILL GERMS! So if you're using soap warm or cold water will not matter, soap only makes things come off your hands.

very hot water so its the soap that counts.

very hot water works better.

I hear warm water is better but twice with about a 30 second sudsy scrub is pretty good if you don't have hot water.

Iain M
Good hot water kills most germs. Cold water kills none. Always use hot water. Traditional soap removes germs, not kill them. That's why we have antibacterial soap now.
Hot water and antibacterial soap all the way!

tx askerrrr
all you need to do is wash your hands really well with soap and water. if everywhere around us was germ free, our immune systems would be so unadapted that one environment with a few germs would make us sick.

plus, you don't kill germs. you wash them off...unless of course it's antibacterial soap.

Washing your hands physically removes germs....doesn't kill them unless you use an antimicrobial soap. Hand sanitizer won't work if you dont wash your hands first.

No, it does not matter over all. You do not require warm water to kill germs. Only soap, vigorous scrubbing and avoiding recontamination.

never thought of it, but i always use really warm water. Germ aren't going to die unless it is boiling though, so you could just put sanitizer on then wash them that will get them really clean and germ free

Doesn't matter. There is e. coli on virtually every single thing you touch anyway. There already is enough good bacteria living on your skin that kill off the bad bacteria.

hih i

Older and Wiser
It doesn't matter because for the water to kill the germs, you need it to be scalding hot which would burn you. The reason you use warm water is because it breaks up particles on your skin better, opens your pores for deeper cleaning, and mixes better with the soap. So, in a sense, warm water allows the soap to do its job better.

Warm water that humans can tolerate does nothing more than cold water. Bacteria actually thrives in warmer climates...

Studies have shown it doesn't matter if the water is hot or cold; what matters is the length of time spent rubbing the hands together under the water.

Soap is way more effective at killing germs than water is. Water just rinses your hands whereas soap kills things.

In the end it doesn't really matter, it's actually very unhealthy to be ultra-hygenic because you have less natural resistance to diseases and things.

Doesn't matter - the temperature you'd need to reach to actually kill any microorganisms would melt the skin off your bones.

well considering boiling water kills germs, and freezing them preserves them.. id go with warm water

My grandma always told me to wash your hands and dishes with hot water that way you know your getting them clean.

hottt water kills germs but its gotta be pretty hot

When you wash your hands, you are actually "washing off" the microrganisms "germs" from your hands. It does not matter.

Warm, depending on the temperature can actually induced bacterial spores "bacteria in dormant state" to grow and divide.

To really kill bacteria, one has to go up to a temperature of 121 degrees C.

Cold water, on the other hand can slow down the activity of the bacteria.

If you want to kill bacteria, wash it with an antiseptic soap.

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