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 What are the risks of getting infections from endoscopy?
Hi I wonder if anyone could provide more info on this please?I'm due for an endoscopy in a couple of weeks. However, upon doing some reserach on the hospital where it'll be done, I found ...

 Can chicken pox be passed to someone whose never had it through someone who has had chicken pox?
i've had chicken pox and have come into contact with someone who has chicken pox, my neice and nephew haven't had chicken pox so can they catch it from me?...

 Ok im a 15 year olf guy in highschool and i just found out i have mono and i dont know how to tell my gf?
that she might have it because of me im so scared help me plz!!!!!!...

 I lost my last 3 antibiotics (I already took 17)?
What will happen?...

 What is the cure for staphylococcus?
How do I cure ...

 What happens when you swallow eye drops?

 How can one tell the difference between having just sinuses, to sinus infections?

 What treatment options are there for appendicitis?
I'm 12 and I am freaking out:----------(...

 Better antibacterial - chlorine bleach or alcohol?
To the chemists, bacteriologist etc. which is more effective at killing bacteria - chlorine bleach or alcohol?

Can bleach kill the HIV virus? How long does it take to kill the virus in ...

 I just got a kitten and it has worms. Can they spread to children or adults?
I've had the cat like a week and it's been everywhere, on our beds and furniture and everything. My daughters have been holding and playing with her all week, and I just noticed that she ...

 What are the differences of diarrhea and cholera?
any idea would really help me as i really need the answers right now......

 I was exposed to hep c within the last 5 months, what are the best things to do now to get rid of it??
I really want to just get rid of this, I am really scared, I am 20 years old and just feel very disadvantaged to have contracted this but trying to deal with it the best I can...I want kids, do you ...

 Random (kinda sick) question about AIDS...?
OK, so my husband I were talking about diseases you can catch from animals and eating animals and my husband raised the question, if you're a cannibal can you catch diseases from the humans? L...

 Please help me.. can't get rid of headlice?
My daughter repeatly has head lice I have treated it over and over and it keeps coming ...

 I Am ******* Scared!!!?
On the 3rd July... I am having 3 injections to do with vaccinations against the diseases... I am 14 and 15 tommorrow and this is my fifth dose but I can't remember what it felt like and I am ...

 How can you remove brain tumour without operating it?
as a patient am asking is there any option to remove brain tumour which is near pitutiary ...

 Enumerate ways on how to prevent AIDS.?

 Got sick and symptoms got worse by the day. What should i do?
I've just came down with something that started with my throat hurting. woke up next morning opposite side of throat hurt and had a stuffy nose. woke up next day with a cough that hurt my chest ...

 I know this is really sick, but please dont put me down ..how do I infect a cut. I need help.?
I need to infect a cut to get help, my CPN is rubbish, how do I do it, Im feeling so stressed out at the mo...I know im sick and stupid blah blah call me whatever you want.Jus pleae tell m how to.

 You step on a rusty nail which punctures your skin. If you haven’t done so recently, you should:?
a.)get a tetanus shot.
b.)take some antibiotics.
c.)get a booster shot.
d.)get a hepatitis shot....

Discuss the differences and similarities between antibiotics and disinfectants?
Just a question our teacher gave us. Any ideas?

They both kill germs, one inside the body, the other on walls, doors, and such

joe j
just kill da *****

Disinfectants go on the outside and Antibiotics go on the inside. One is more targeted, so that it doesn't kill you, but does kills the infecting bacteria. Disinfectant kills just about anything, including you if you get enough of it. Go on the internet and Yahoo or Google antibiotics.

Both kill germs. One is for a surface, (disinfectant) one is for internal use (antibiotics). Plain and simple.

Both kill germs, antibotics are for internal use, disinfectants are external. Both kill viruses also.

E. E
antibiotics fight diseases within your body (internal germs), and disinfectants kill external germs.
antibiotic- pennicillin
disinfectant-hand sanitizer

Both are used to kill bacteria.

Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria while disinfectants can be effective against viruses as well as bacteria. Also, antibiotics are used internally while disinfectants are used externally.

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