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my friends child has caught measles..he is 2 years old and has not had the mmr jab offered to all babies at 1 year old! my two kids have both had the jab...what are the chances of them catching ...

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 Do you recon if your ill and you have a positive attitue it can make you feel better?
i got a stomach ache, feel dizzy and sick... i think its becuase i didnt have any fluids today, (i just drank some water).. and becuase i didnt get much sleep last night, so i just feel grotty..

 Chicken pox?
Does anyone know how long you have to stay away from a pregnant woman if you have been in contact with a child who has chicken pox and have now developed shingles?
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It ...

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 Is the MRSA outbreak an epidemic?
I hear people say its spreading super fast. I also heard people say its not spreading that fast. I mean its been around for years right? Why is the news just bringing it up now?

Oh and ...

 Hepatitis risk?
I touched a book with possible dried blood on it. Am I at risk for hepatitis, which I have read can live in dried blood for seven days?
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I had no visible cuts and used ...

 Walked into a isolation room with no protection. Had no contact with the pt. The pt had mrsa. Should I worry?
I just walked in and checked the flow meter and walked out. I did not touch the pt and the pt was sleeping. When I walked out is when i relized the cart was there. The person was in isolation for ...

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if the person has dry cracked lips can you still catch HIV from kissing?...

 Which is not caused by a virus?
Polio, AIDS, heart attack, flu?...

 How do you get over a cold fast?
Ok, yeah I'm really sick. I have to go to a lockin in a few days and I don't want to get everyone else sick. I also abhor this feeling of being weak and useless. I have a runny-nose, my ...

 Coworker tested positive for TB!? Can someone answer my questions about TB??
I am interning at this place, and around a month ago they hired a second intern. We were sharing an office. Today I came in and he was leaving, I checked my email and apparently he had tested ...

 I was scratched by a cat on my toe and it bleeds. do i got rabies?

Additional Details
i was walking when a cat suddenly scratched ...

Can you give someone mono after having it two years ago?
so, i had mono about two years ago and my friend who i had kissed about two months ago just recently got it.. is it possible that i gave it to him?

Maybe you have AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joni T
Absolutely! Even if you do not show the symptoms of the illness any longer, it is still a possibility of you being a carrier. Don't let that scare you into not kissing anyone again though, it all depends on the other person's ability to fight off infection and if they had already had mono in the past.

you might be a carrier. you can have it and have no signs of it but carry on to someone else. when I got it many many years ago i found out the guy was a carrier for it:|

Mono will follow you and be part of your life, for the rest of your life!! Don't ever kiss anyone again!! I will notifie the police!!!

yes! i had mono in the 2nd grade and gave it to my boyfriend 16 years later....it IS a virus and you will always have it in your body and it can reappear at anytime

Yes, you can give mono to another person, once you have had it. It stays in your system for the rest of your life. There are different times that you have a flare up that is when you can give it to someone else. But more then likely you won't have any symptoms when you are contagious.

No it's not possible that you gave him mono your friend got mono from some where else

No, mono does not live once it goes away, its not a virus. he must have gotten it somewhere else...sharing a drink or chapstick could do it, you don't have to kiss someone to get mono

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