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Selena G
Can you get tapeworm from eating raw ground beef?

No, this is a myth. Tapeworms are only contracted thru flea bites. I just learned this.

joe b
maybe not ground beef and tapeworms...but pork and coke give u maggots

look at the vid on my sources

Yes i had worked a a resrant in kentucky and got a tape worm they live onyou blood mine was 13inches long was on menstation when it came for blood my blood count was low and he and me were dieing

Yes. But the beef has to be pretty low quality and really raw. You most likely won't get a tapeworm but definitely have a chance to get one. As a general rule, don't eat anything raw except fruit and vegetables.

yes and no
yes it is possible but rare here in the states
it comes from eating raw meat(beef pork etc.)
it also can come in grains in cereal but the meat or grain has to be contaminated from the infectious insect first
it also comes from oral fecal contamination
it is not as common a problem here as it is in other third world countries......like i said it is possible but rare

i think u can....but its pretty rare....
dont know about u but raw beef is not my general diet anyway

According to what I read, that is unusual. Most tapeworms in humans are either from water sources (lakes, ponds, streams) or are eggs in grains or dried fruits.

What you can get from raw ground beef is e.coli.

Anyway, the article below is probably more than you want to know.

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