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melissa f
Can you get sick from being biten by a wild mouse?
My 9 year old just got bit in the back yard by a wild mouse. I washed it of but was not sure if I had to take her to the doctors or not.

Princess Jessica
yes you can you might have rabies

if it had rabies ???????????????

call the vet, i got bit by a rat a coulple summers ago and they said skunks and rats dont carry rabies or diseases usually so just call and see if there's ne risk, but probably just a shot

m i c h e l l e
yes take her to the doctor becuz the mouse might have raibes or all kinds of diease and you dont want your child to get sick cuz if left untreated then it can become major

Lupin IV
You need to take them to the doc if the bite broke the skin.

Kid might have to get rabies shots.

Yes, do take her to the doctor. If you can find the mouse even better. My neice got bit by a wild rat and luckily we were able to catch it. The doctor said had the rat tested positive for rabies she would have had to undergo shots. Had we not captured the rat she would have had to have the shots. Nothing to mess with - consult your physician now.

take her to the doctors. the key word in your question is Wild. if your child is bitten by anything that is wild they need to see the doctor. Dont run the risk of losing your child by not taking her to the doctor. she might catch a deadly disease that could have been cured if you would have taken them in.

Yes, she can get sick. There are shots for rabies and other things, but it is highly recommendable that she be seen emergently by a doctor, even if it means being taken to the ER. If there is any way to (safely) catch the mouse or call out the city animal control to do so, it is helpful for the doctors treating your daughter.

Is your 9 year old current on their tetanus shot? The mouse probably wasn't rabid, but you might want to take her/him in just in case and to get a tetanus shot if he/she needs one.

wild mice can get rabies which is uncurable as of yet. she definitely needs to see a doctor

Ladies man
Yeah you can get sick because you don't know were the little munchkin has been crawling.

k m
everyone seems to be talking rabies, but there are any number of infections a person can get from an animal bite. best bet is to see a medical professional to really clean that thing out and take any other prudent measures.

the danger is not from the physical injury of the bite, but the contaminants in the siliva and on the teeth/gums of the animal.
there is rabies treatment, do not worry.
GET YOUR child to a doctor ASAP!

You should take her to the doctors if you start to notice anything odd about her bite

I am not a doctor, however I am a Certified Pharmacy Tech., and we get questions like this alot. It may or may not help, but if you've washed it out already, then that could have prevented alot of infection there. I do not have children, but if I were treating myself, I would apply something like a triple-antibiotic ointment the first day and watch for any swelling around the wound site. If there is red streakiness around the site, then the child may have a form of infection that would require oral antibiotics. Keep a check on any fever or cold or flu type symptoms for the next day or two. A doctor visit wouldn't hurt though just to be on the safe side...They would probably give an Rx (prescription) for an antibiotic as a preventative of infection. A good friend of mine got bit by a domesticated cat at a vet's office and had to get antibiotics anyways...Hope this helps!

if you see any symptoms you might want to get it checked out

It couldn't hurt, no telling what disease they might be carrying.

you should take her to the docters because she could get rabbies and thats would mean she would have to get 9 inch needles in her stomach

Erica W
Well, I would think that getting bitten by any type of mouse could make u sick, so maybe you should go see a doctor about that bite!

Yes, if they have germs on them which I guess they would. See a doctor or something.

if the wound is superficial, just keep it clean and apply antibiotic ointment every 4 or so hours. I don't think going to a doc is necessary unless the bite becomes red, inflamed, more painful or you notice a strange discharge - these are symptoms that it's become infected and needs treatment.

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