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Can you get pink eye 2 times??
can you get pink eye twice??? jw

Yes. Pink eye is like strep throat or tonsillitis or any one of a zillion other regular illnesses. It isn't like mumps, measles or chicken pox in that if you have it once you will never get it again. It is hard to avoid if you are around others who have it, since it is highly contagious. If you do get it, my mother always treated her 6 children by giving us washcloths soaked in warm milk to hold on our eyes several times a day until gone.

Shawn B
It depends on how many eyes you have.

Explanation: If you have no eyes you can not get pink eye 2 times now can you.

If you have two eyes, yes of course you can.
If you have one eye, well then of course you can as well, just develop a case of the itchy pink eye twice.

Hope this helps.

Yes it isn't like Chicken Pox at all. Its just like getting a cold...you can get infected at any time! Best of Luck! :)

yes... you can get it as many times as you are exposed to it

Chick with pets
Pink eye doesn't have an expiration date...

yeah its not like chicken pox

You can get it many times. Having it once doesn't give you immunity to it.

my friend had it last week in her right eye, then she got meds and that cleared up and she got it 2 days later in the other eye... its very contagious, wash EVERYTHING you own and dont use any old eyemake up throw it all out and get new

Conjuctivitis.......you can keep reinfecting yourself.

lisa J
Yes if you smoke dope lol (not recommended by the way!)

those that really matter to you!

Mark C
You can get it many times

love me or hate me
but i have never had it !


yeah ive had it 3 times.

yup, its not a virus that you can build an immunity too

you can get it 100 times


yes... you can get it several times in different virus forms, like a cold

Yep, you can get it over and over.

i is me
You can get pink eye a millian times.
But, if you drip salt water into them, they clear up pretty fast.

Yes because my cousin used to wrestle, and he used to get things like ringworm and pink eye from the germs on the mat...he kept getting it all the time, so he quit. but yes, you can definitly get pink eye more than once!

Yes you can get it over and over again. Be sure not to touch your eyes . You can spread the infection in your eyes. Wash your hands often and repeatedly!!

ya i get it about twice a year


Yes, i had like 4 times.


Answer Fairy
Yep. You can get pink eye a million times.

Don't share makeup (esp. mascara and eye shadow)
Wash your hands frequently (esp. after going poop)
Don't let anyone fart on your pillow
Don't let people touch your face.

You can get pink eye over and over and over and over again.


no name
it's not the chicken pox. yah, it's an infection so THEREFORE, you can get an infection MORE than once. I've had it like 10 times.

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