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i was talking to a pharmacist and he said to desolve 2 sulfur pellets under my toung 3 times a day and for 3 day he said it would kill head lice has anyone tried this and if so did it work i have ...

 Any doctors out there ? i need help?
back on july i had streptococcus i took factive and it went away but after 3 weeks my throat started to feel like heart burning, my left tonsil got bigger,.... and a strange stop appeared on my neck ....

 How can I intentionally contract the flu ?
I enjoy being ill . I feel euphoric whenever I come down with a terrible cold .Somehow endorphins are released and it just makes my mind and body feel at ease .

I know I'm insane ...

 Why dont we get vaccinated against chiken pox?

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 Who invented kissing?
it doesnt seem natural to kiss someone on the mouth
especially licking their tongues and swallowing their spit,

when u think about it ,it all comes doewn to that!

dont get ...

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Can hepatitis be cured?...

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 Can a person get an mmr vaccination as an adult after having measles as a child?
I had measles as a child and have immunity to it. But, now am starting nursing clinicals and need proof of immunity to mumps also. Am old enough not to have had the vaccination as a child, but can ...

 Are there over the counter medicine u can take for bladder infections?

Can you get measles more than once??
I had them as a child but have been around kids who have them.I have come out in spots and keep getting rather hot.

No you can't get them again. But its called shingles when your an adult. And its very dangerous to you. So I'd suggest you get to your doc so he/she can give you antibotics for it and what ever else you need. It also takes a long time to get over it and you can spread it to other people. So be very careful who you come in contact with. Especially the elderly and babies.

if you have had them as a child an adult then get's shingle's

team hatton
you can as a kid but when u grow to be an adult i think its shingles

Yes you can get them more than once,you should pay particular attention to
your wedding tackle. As measles can make you sterile.If you get them later
on in life, they are known as shingles and they are more irritating.
Hope this has helped

Boudica Warrior Queen
My middle daughter had them twice once when she was 18 months old and again at 6 years of age. First time round she never had many spots but she sure made up for the second time around

Laura J
Autism is the measles virus like ants in the gut. They release a toxin that causes brain damage. It's the MMR vaccine, Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine mixed with thamerisol, which is the hidden name for Mercury, which is more lethal than what should be put into an adult.

The measles bury themselves in the digestive track after the vaccination. The cell biopsies are a greyish black rather than a healthy pink.

Yes, people are getting measles from the vaccine, but because it's normally transmitted through the respiratory system, it's introduced through the blood stream through Merks (pharmaceutical company) MMR vaccine.

I think this will help you with your question, just click on it and read it.

Read this also.

Shingles could come from Chicken Pox, if you want to read about that, click on this.

no ,,,,u only get them once in ur life ...i asked many moms ...they knw better .

YES. Although rare, it IS possible! My Husband had it twice,once as a child (9) then again at 18.

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