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 Why the children get sick often?
It is common that children get sick. If you go to doctor he will say it is due to claimate change or infection here and there etc., My concerns in this regard is, is it due to non attention from ...

 Cure for swollen glands ??
my glands are swolleen and my throat it sore , i cant get to the doctor monday , and i think its on its way to glandular fever , anyone know anyfin to try until then as im loosing my voice aswell x<...

 If HIV virus cant survive in air, then why should we use a sterlised needle to prevent HIV Infection?

 Food with the Flu?
My daughter seems to have the flu. She's vomiting everywhere - won't keep anything down. Is there anything I can feed her? She hasn't eaten since yesterday afternoon and I don't ...

 My sister is 6 and cud possibley have salmonella wat shud i do?
it cud be serious has any1 got any suggestions on wat 2 do?

plz cud help a ...

 Hospital cleanliness?
i recently paid a visit to a hospital.
nice morning so i walked about a mile to catch a bus.
i walk through the park along a path covered in chewing gum,canada goose droppings,spit and ...

 What causes bacterical infections?
I was semi-sick. My throat was swollen and the doctor said it was caused by a bacterial infection. He prescribed me medicine but i feel fine and i don't think i need to take it. Should i?

 What's a stool?
When people have tapeworms they talk about things called stools. What's a stool?...

 Will Ashley Tisdale die from HIV?
I love her so much I dont want her to die!...

 What ever happened to the bird flu and SARS?

 If you had chickenpox when you were young, is it possible to get it again?

someone i know bumped there head and scraped it a liittle bit. Then a week later her face started to swell. She went into the doctor and the doctor gave her medicine but it hasent helped. What can ...

 Well I need help with a mono/throat situation.?
Alright my brother had mono about 4 or 5 months ago(he got it from kissing his girlfriend)and i sipped his drink like a few days ago. Do you think ill get it? I mean like the next day my throat hurt ...

 Can you give yourself food poisoning?
If you go to the toilet or pick your nose and don´t wash your hands then prepare food for yourself, can you give yourself food poisoning?...

 Why does a person who had a flu shot last month come down with the flu this month?
My husband had a flu shot last month, I did not because I'm allergic to eggs. We both came down with the flu 6 days ago & we don't seem to be getting better. Are we going to have to ...

 What causes oral thrush?

 Can you catch fleas from a cat or dog?
what type of parasites are they?
how long can it survive on a human?...

 I have diaherra for the last 8 weeks and have taken some prescription medication and still have diarrhea what?

 My bf had an STD before we hooked up & got cured but we cannot have a baby?

 Do you know ways to minimize the risk of getting or spreading viruses? Do you do those things?

Can you get hiv from touching blood that is dry?with ur index finger?
after touching the dry blood u dont see any blood stain and then u wipe it off on the side of your clothing after 5 mins you use the same finger to put gum in your mouth? note i did not have a cut in my mouth or finger...(hope its not confusing?)

i would go get a test just to be shore
i would take no chances at all
you should have washed your hands at leaste 10 times before putting gum in your mouth

i dont think so. from what i understand, hiv dies after its been exposed to the air for 30 seconds. now i could be seriously wrong though, im just trying to help

Jupiter Ceasar Leprechaun II
no the air kills it

Joie Ange

Mr. Fisher
Well once HIV infected blood hits the air and turns red and especially once it turns brown the HIV is dead and gone.

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