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 Transfer of germs.?
is it possible to catch a seriuos disease or illness if your skin touches a drink (tea, coffee, ) which has already been drunk by a person with an infecton e.g. hiv, aids etc


 Which of the following measures is the best way to prevent infection?
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D. Prophylactic ...

Can you get hepatitis c if..?
someone has it and they put earrings in and you put them in after?

Lilly A
It's possible.

My mother has Hep C, and it's transfered through any fluids...
If she was bleeding and got blood on the earrings and you put them on and happened to have an open wound in your ear, you could get it, but it's unlikely,

No, not unless there was blood exchange, which is very unlikely

Jennifer R
You could if there was blood contact, infected ears, etc....


David D, MD
no, but if you pierced your ears with their needle, then it is possible. Has to be blood to blood exchange.

Hepatitis C is very easy to catch and some people dont even know how they catch it. All it takes is a super small drop of blood that you do not even have to see and get into your body in any opening, be it a cut or any other natural opening (such as eyes).
However, this person would have to have Hepatitis C for you to catch it.

yes. it is possible. so those that stated it is, they are correct.
it is possible to get infections of the earlobe while wearing earrings, so if there were blood on the earring, and you placed the same earring in your earlobe and had an open wound or the lobes came infected, then yes, hcv can enter your bloodstream.
i'd say the risk extremely low, however, it still is a risk.
wear your own earrings and do not share them.

Hep C is contracted through blood to blood. The only way you can contract would be if the person with Hep C had infected ears and they were bleeding and then you with out cleaning them took them and put them in your ears that would also have to be infected and have open sores that the infected blood could get into.

Only if blood to blood contact was made during that process. If the person who has Hep C also has infected, bleeding ears and you do too, then yes, it is possible. However, if there is no blood exchange, there is no risk. Good luck.

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