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 Here are my symptoms, what do you think I have?
On Friday my throat kindof started feeling weird, and it was cold outside and when I went outside and breathed through my mouth it burned. Saturday it was worse, and I was coughing up a ton of mucus, ...

 I might have got food poisoning.What do I do?

 Do I have meningitis?
Ok this is like my 4th post in the last hour. I have a headache that I have had come and go for about a week. With it I have a low grade fever. My eyes do feel a little strained at times, but I am ...

 Help! I have the Flu. Can't "break" th fever?
I woke up with the flu yesterday morning and my temp has bounced from, 96 to 103. I keep taking tylenol and ibuprofen. They help somewhat but the fever comes right back. I'M MISERABLE. I'm 6...

 What does immunoglobulins mean?
my daughter had blood tests and these where some that they ...

 Should I confront the person I think gave me a cold sore?
I just got my first ever cold sore this weekend. I have some ideas as to who I may have gotten it from (I wasn't given any advance warning). Is there any point in trying to discuss it with her?...

 Can i get prescriptions wihout the doc permission?
need it for cold sore_ ...

 What color snot means you have an infection?
I can't remember....is it yellow or green?

I've had this crap for almost an entire week. My nose is raw and - sorry to be gross - the stuff I'm blowing out is bright green. ...

 With the following Blood test results can we determine HIV?
If a person gets HIV 6 years back. Does any of these values change?

Test Name Result Units Ref. Range
TSH 0.64 uIU/mL 0.34-4.82
ESR 3 mm/hr 0.0-15.0
WBC Count 8.9 K/...

 AIDS spreads from infected syringe but if a mosquito bites after biting infected person it does not spreadswhy

 When you have a cold ??!!?
How come when you have a cold, you can't taste anything ??!

 What does green feces indicate?

 Why Africa has the highest rating in AIDS ?
can somebody tell m why the rating of AIDS is high in Africa. Is it from the cultural or something else ?...

 Cystic fibrosis the correct spelling for this infectious diseases?
infectious disease, cystic-fibrosis is what i'm trying to ...

 Can popping your finger cause arthritis?
my firend says that popping your finger can cause arthritis but i think he is wrong so now we can't pop becaues of what he said.
but is it ok to pop your ...

 15 month old son is having 7 days of high fever?
My son is having his 7th day of high fever of 104.. No other symptoms. he is in the hospital for observations, the doctors think it is viral due to all tests coming back negative. Can this just be ...

 Have you cheated?
Has anyone ever cheated with someone for an extended amount of time and not gotten caught??? How long did the relationship on the side last???They say whatever is in the dark will come to the light....

 Whats staff infection?

 Can an HIV infected person give me HIV by giving me(HIV neg.) head?

Additional Details
i have read many things and some of the answers are dead wrong not all body fluids can transmit and i am *asking if someone who is hiv+/infect hiv- by giving me a ...

 Lyme disease? should I go back to the doctor?
A few weeks ago I went to the doctors, He thought it was possible I had Lyme disease took a blood test and started on antibiotics. Blood test came back negative but he said early on it wasn't 100...

Can you get a diease from smoking weed with other people?

smoke joints or carry your own pocket bong

James M
You can even get AIDS or HIV from taking in another infected persons saliva.

Any body fluids taken in from another person with HIV is a way to contact the disease. It is dangerous to puff on a weed that has another persons saliva on it. Or for that matter take in any of the infected persons body fluids.

Don't be worried about this person who said you can get HIV from saliva, you can't. As for other things such as colds the flu or any kind of mouth sores, it is possible, but it isn't gauranteed.

If ANYONE smoking ANYTHING, could see how your lungs

are damaged and HOW YOU will DIE FROM THE



Tony R
just make sure the other person you are smoking with doesnt have a disease them selves

if they have a virus of some sort on the lips and you took a puff from their weed or you are under the influence and resulted in a one night stand then well.....you play you pay

Yes, but only if they, someone that is smoking, have a very contagious virus or disease. Other than that, you're fine. i smoked with people when I had the flu and nobody got it.

Sure you can get lots of mouth diseases and oral herpes from sharing joints. If the person has an active infection or oral herpes and he gets the joint damp and you take a hit...........you were just exposed to whatever the person before you has.

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