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Can you get Shingles Twice in your life.?
Can you get Shingles Twice in your life. My Mum has the Shingles at the moment and I was wondering if a can get it again if I have had it already???

Rebecca :)
i got them when i was 15. painful as heck. i was told no, but anything is possible. if they meet it could cause death.

Marilyn S
Yes! it can return over and over again for the rest of your life.anytime you become rundown or your immune system is weak.you would not catch it from your mom
remember to take your vitamins and drink your juice and plenty of rest to avoid future outbreaks.I hope she is feeling better soon.they can be very painful.

well its not contagious.. its just from having chicken pox as a child. there are germs left over in your body from the chicken pox and after a long time they start to grasp onto your nerves usually on one side of your body and i know it hurts pretty bad. so i dont think you can get it again.. it just depends on what happened to the germs i guess. go on www.ask.com or google.com and you should find all the info you need.
good luck hope i helped!!

There is a new vaccine for Shingles and is recommended for older people (over 50). It will reduce the chance for the recurrence of the virus. Although not 100% eaffective it improves your chances considerably for avoiding the disease. Ask your MD about it.

Mrs. Mad Maddy
My doctor said you could.

It is possible since the virus that causes Shingles (varicella zoster virus) remains in the body even after the signs and symptoms have disappeared.

Allen B
It was an old wife's tale that you could only contract shingles once, simply not true!

Yes, in fact once you have had them, you always carry the virus.

yes you can

Hi,I have had them once.You should ask your doctor.Hope your mam gets better soon.

Anything is possible.

Yes. "Shingles is caused by a reactivation of the dormant virus in the nerves of people who have previously had chickenpox. As as a result shingles can unfortunately occur more than once."

You should be OK:
"It is not caught from contact with someone with shingles or with chickenpox."

You'd know if you'd had it. "Most people are surprised by how ill they feel with shingles. This seems out of proportion with the extent of the skin involved. There is a general debility and exhaustion, sometimes with aches and pains and sometimes a mild fever. Depression is often a feature of shingles, as in many other viruses. You may need up to three weeks off work."

yes, shingles can strike at anytime .it is not limited ,to one time only.

Cathy T
Shingles is a reactivation of the same virus that causes chicken pox, "varicella zoster". So you can't "catch" singles from exposure to another person with chicken pox or shingles. You are likely to "catch" chicken pox as your first exposure, and then you may succumb to shingles at a later date.

It's the same principle as getting a cold sore - you catch the virus the first time, and it lurks away down in your cells (the salivary glands for cold sores (herpesvirus) and the nerve cells for varicella (chickenpox/shingles), then when you get a bit low physically (stressed, overtired, not eating right, some other illness) the virus reactivates and you get a new symptoms.

So the answer is yes, you can get shingles more than once, but you won't catch it from your mum.

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