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 If nurse talk about coworker about HIV patient, then is this sander or invasion privacy?

 Do I have food poisoning?
I have had dirrahea for three days and vomiting for two days, but no abdominal pains, I feel like i have no energy at all. Does anybody have any ideas of what might be wrong....

 My employer is paying for free flu shots for our company. No flu for 10+ yrs. Should i take the shot? Why?

 If a girl has tonsillitis or pharingitis would it be bad for her to give oral???
would it cause any transfer of germs or bacteria to the guy???? would there be a bad effect?
Additional Details
am i not being conciderate??? thats the reason why i took the time and ...

 Why can't the person who causes everyone else to catch a cold get the same cold again?

 Do you believe that DPT,MMR,shots are some cause of Autism?
DPT and MMR are childhood immunizations....

 Tuberculosis prevalent in Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani people.. why?
is this? Sensible answers only please. I was just reading an article on Yahoo news about the rise in TB in Britain amongst these groups of people but it was put down to people migrating to the UK ...

 What is MRSA?

 Can you get chicken pox twice?

 The department of the hospital that specializes in diagnostic X-rays?

 How and why does RingWorm hapen?
How and why does RingWorm happen?...

urinary ...

 How can you avoid the stomach flu......?
and why does everyone wake up in the middle of the night with it? I really hate vomiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 If i have a one year old son and they think he might have sickle cell anmeia would there be a cure for it?

 I think i have mononucleosis what do i do !?
Okayy well.. it all started on thursdayy.. I felt fine qettinq ready for school &+ all But my throat really Hurt &+ bothered me. But i just fiqured it would qo away .. By afternoon I felt W...

 Can foot and mouth disease be dangerous to domestic animals?

 My boyfrien has mono and i kissed him but show no signs of mono yet. is it possible not to catch it?
a few days ago, i visited my boyfriend at his house and we kissed here and there. he found out that he had a severe case of mono, but i show no signs of having mono. i also drank out of straw and ...

 How can somene be sure that the equipment used in body piercing is sterile?

 What are the SIGNS of a VIral Infection??? Urinary Tract infection?
I am experiencing fatigue, dry mouth, bloated stomach, small apetite and side pain I believe it to a viral infection. What are the normall symtoms? I've been to the er and they said it was gas I ...

 Did research and seems that I have tonsil stones???
So I did what most sites suggested and worked for the most part but still some that won't just budge, plus I know I prob have a good sized one below where you can not see. I can not work that ...

Can you catch scabies off a cat?

It depends on whether the cat is a good pitcher and you are a good catcher!

No, scabies can be contracted through something as simple as a handshake. If you have it you can go to the doc's and they'll give you a cream to put on. It's very quick in dealing with the problem. You don't have to worry about boil washing everything you may have touched. Just be sure to wash any clothes you've worn at on the day you apply your cream. The mites can't survive off your body for more than a half hour so don't panic! If you do have it, it might be an idea to tell people you've been in contact with to get checked out... You don't want to get it again! Hope that helps you out. :o)

no i think you mainly get scabies from being in dirty enviroment's like sleeping on dirt'y beds dont blame the poor cat clean up you'r act...

Forlorn Hope
Dunno, but it is always advisable to wash with an Anti-baterial Handwash after touching the cat... Also using anti-bacterial wipes wherever the cat goes in the house...

Depends what you're doing with it..?

scabies is infectious. kiinda like having lice.

of course you can

No it is a different type of mite. check this link below and it tells you all about it.


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