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Go Hokies!
Can you catch germs from library books?

Jesse K
thats a retarded question

Yes you can. However, I seriously doubt there are any germs on those books that you should worry about. Your body is designed to handle common germs, and in fact, you need to have some germs to keep your immune system working well.
People now days are far too worried about germs. Wash your hands, like you should, and don't worry.

thats stupid but yeah you probally could

Everything you touch is potentially contaminated with germs.
You come into contact with grerms constantly.
That is why you should wash your hands frequently during the day.
And do not touch your eyes, mouth or any mucus membrane, until you wash your hands.
As a matter fo fact, you not only can 'catch' germs but you also pass them to items you touch.

yes, but you can catch germs from almost anything its not that big of a problem thats why we have a imune system

You sure can.

My cousin's husband worked in Library for years and that was one of his hang up. None of us thought about it until he said something. But I bet that shopping cart or door handle has plenty more.

m B
Sure, if you lick the pages!

I have a friend who avoids borrowing books for this reason. I think it's silly. Germs do not survive very long away from their host, unless in spore form, which usually comes out in the feces. If you see feces on the books, then don't touch them.

yea because it depends on how you or someone who had the book before treated it and some old books have the most germs in my studys.

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