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Can you be a carrier of shingles, if you live with someone who has it?
I went to the Dr. yesterday and found out I have shingles. My daughter wants to play with the neighbors kids. Can she be a carrier of the virus without actually having it? Or is it only contagous through me?

I would exercise caution if your daughter has not been vaccinated against chicken pox. Shingles is caused by the same virus. I really don't know if she could be a carrier, but if her immune system is strong, I imagine she could carry the virus without actually contracting it herself.

However, chicken pox in kids is usually pretty uneventful--except for the scratching. If she gets it, she gets it. You wouldn't be upset if she got exposed to chickenpox from someone at school, would you? These things happen. The good news is if she does contract the disease, she will probably have immunity from further exposure for life.

Shingles in adults is usually a result of a weakened or compromised immune system. Work with your doctor to determine the underlying cause.

Rada S
Shingles are caused by a virus called, "Herpes".

If your daughter was exposed to you,

you may want to wait a little bit to make sure she is not going to come down with them as Herpes in children= chicken pocks "highly contagious".

~My husband is a contractor and he takes our 12 year old on the job with him at times. Billy isn't too good with a hammer, so Fred has him carry shingles all the time. It must be contagious, because at least 3 of Billy's friends want to go along with Billy and Fred.


cheeky chic 379
No you cannot.
Shingles is a virus called Herpes Ozter, caused by chicken pox virus.
Unless someone comes in contact with the weeping sores, it cannot be transmitted from one person to another.

starting over
I think you need direct contact with a person with shingles and then the person may not get shingles, but they can get chicken pox

Shingles are the dormant virus of chicken pox...when you get chicken pox (as a child) then the virus of it lies dormant in our bodies..exposure to chicken pox or stressful situations can cause shingles..they follow the dermatones of the body..you can see shingles on the face and trunk of our bodies..only on half of the side..like one side of the face..around half of our body like under the breast and around to the back..this is treated with Acyclovir which is for Herpes but this called Herpes Zoster which is not a STD...these can be very painful and until crusted over can be contagious..see your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment and find out about exposing others..

Shingles has been associated with ageing (the vast majority of cases are reported in people over 50 years of age), a weakened immune system, trauma, excessive sun exposure or chickenpox in children who are exposed either before birth or before 18 months of age. Contact with a child who is suffering from chickenpox may also be a cause.
This study also proved that a person with shingles can pass the virus to individuals who have never had chickenpox, but these individuals will develop chickenpox not shingles. A person with chickenpox cannot communicate shingles to someone else. In order for people to develop shingles they must already harbor the virus in their nervous system, and for those who do harbor the shingles virus, having contact with someone with chickenpox will not trigger shingles. Additionally, a person with shingles cannot communicate shingles to another individual

no you cant it is called from chicken pocks and nerves seem to bring it out more you cant catch them from anyone my granny has it and they are not from they are very pain full

yes when my daughter was a new born I worked on a nursing home and when one of the patients got shingles I had to go home and take a shower and not even let her come in contact with my clothes in case they were contaminated. However, I believe if the children have had the vaccine for chicken pox or have had chicken pox they will be ok just talk to the parents.

No. Shingles is a viral infection that attacks the nerve endings. It is associated with chicken pox. Normally, a person will have shingles a total of 3 to 4 times in their lifetime, some have been more, some less. It can be very painful also, so if it becomes painful, then make sure you see a doctor for the appropriate pain medication. Best of luck to you.......

shingles is caused by the virus that causes chicken pox in young children. it lies dormant in the roots of your spinal cord after you have had chicken pox and can reinfect you later in life (during illness, stressful times, or just out of the blue) as an adult as shingles.

if your child has not had chicken pox or has not been vaccinated against chicken pox, you are contagious until the shingles scab over (in a similar fashion to the pox). as long as the shingles pustules are filled with fluid, she should not touch you, your sheets, clothing etc unless she has had chicken pox or the vaccination because she will contract the virus, only they will manifest in her as chicken pox, not as shingles. you may want to make sure her playmates have had chicken pox too before you let her play so that they dont contract it.

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