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 I'm sick and dont know what to take! HELP.......?
i'm sick and i dont know what medicine i should take.
i have...
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-possible fever
and i feel really cranky and tired.


Can i get an infection from sharing the same joint or cigg from some one?
if you smoke from the same bong,joint, or cigg from some one who has an infection or aids or anything can you get it from them? im worried because i have swolen glans and and swolen glans the day after
Additional Details
swolen glans and gums***

Yes, you can

you may have just gotten their germs but you cant get AIDS like that. you don't get sick 24 hours later either, it takes like a week or something before the symptoms start to show

swollen glands can be attributed to allergies too....


alice b

Well the worst you could get would be like strep, or a upper respitory infection or cold sores. You are gonna get Aids or anything crazy. Dont worry its just a minor infection take some antibiotics.

a cold or flu, definitely. i think you can get syphilis or oral herpes if you share it with someone who has either one. you'd have to ask a doctor about those last two though. you can't get AIDS from sharing cigg butts and joints. AIDS is not spread through the saliva (so you can also kiss an AIDS victim and not get AIDS).

☼Jims Brain☼
you can get infections,but it would be virtually impossible get hiv that way.

Any virus or infection that exists in human saliva.
Happy tokin'.

Sounds like you ARE getting ill but it would be kind of soon because it takes a few days for the germs to set in. You can catch some illnesses thu sharing ciggs and Js and not others. Go see your doctor it sounds like a bad one.

Out of commission
Saliva is saliva, is it not? Don't share. It's not worth the risk.

Please get examined by a Dr. ASAP. If you have swollen glands, you obviously have some type of infection going on in your body, but I doubt that it's from cigarettes or sharing a bong with someone who has HIV/AIDS or another infection. Swollen glands can be a sign of mono, strep, or any other type of viral infection. Just get checked out and get this burden lifted off your shoulders!

dont share w/ someone w/ an open sore on their mouth


Yes, you can catch certain infections from being exposed to others' saliva, but typically this will not immediately result in swollen gums and glands. Most parasites/viruses have an incubation perios of at least a few days. Here is another possible cause for your symptoms.
Every time you buy marjuana, you are getting something a little different then the last time you bought it. No two "bags" are exactly the same. Sometimes, it is possible that you will get one that has been dried/processed differently, from a different kind of plant, etc. Sometimes, this can affect people, especially people with allergies. I smoked once and the next day felt like I had bronchitis....had fever, coughing, fluid in the lungs, swollen glands, etc...and I had felt perfectly healthy the day before. Turns out my lungs and immune system reacted to something different in the pot that I smoked. This happened to me again a few years later. I would give it time and let it clear up on it's own before I freaked out. Chances are, you could just be having a small reaction to something minor.

It's possible....Mono and Meningitis are contracted through sharing things at parties sometimes....

You probably wouldn't have any symptoms the next day though.

You should contact the Dr though and see what they recommend.

Well, you can get herpes that way real easy.Aids no, its not transmitted that way. Also you can get mononucleosis that way too. Go to the doctor if you have swollen glands and feel tired.

well generally no, the germs and viruses that pass diseases are seseptible to normal air. they die very quickly in open air. but to be on the safe side i would wait at least 2 minutes before switching from their mouth to mine. 99 percent of all bugs die or are dead in the 2 minute limit.

even though saliva is a bodily fluid there are enzymes in it that kill the hiv virus. its incredibly hard to catch the hiv virus orally. (im not saying impossible but i wouldnt be afraid to french kiss an aids person)

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