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 How can I get my fever go down?
I already took some medicine but its not really working i need other options!
Additional Details
i have had a fever for like 2 /3 days but since its president weekend i cant go to doctr ...

 Can mosquitos carry viruses other than West Nile?
Like less harmful viruses? The reason I ask is because I have a sh*t load of mosquito bites all over my arms and a couple on my legs....

 What is whipple disease?

 I was eating lunch when a girl threw up near my table. Is it possible to catch a stomach virus this way?

 Little white what look like worms and tiny black bugs under skin and now attacking eye what is it and help plz
these little black bugs smaller than a flea all around the house out and in they hop to then go under skin and i guess leave little white worms and are very painful
Additional Details
ty ...

 Can you get hiv if you have a very strong immune system?

 My mother in law has had an operation,they told her she has MRSA?
she works in an old peoples home as a night carer,i dont think she would be allowed to go back to work,do you?
Additional Details
she had triple by pass 6 years ago and went back to work ...

 My mom has a fever. What do i do?
She's 45, and she has a fever of 102.0 degrees. It began at 99.9 this morning, and so my mom took some alieve, and it went back to normal. now its 102.0 and im worried because she doesnt want to ...

 What should be done about a Staph infection in the eye?

 What is the reason for black marks periodically appearing on my tongue, then disappearing after a few hours?

 What should i do?
for science class i have to do a report on a disease. what disease should i do my project? it can be any disease or condition. thank ...

 I am worried that I may get sick because of this...Please help...Quick Question!?
I have a question. I know I am probably just being paranoid, but no matter, I am hoping to find an answer. I am a College student, and I am not a big fan of getting sick. I try to do the best that I ...

 What would you do, if u are tested and found out that you are HIV positive?

 How do you embalm someone?

 If you miss a few days on antibotics, can you pick up where you left off?
I'm still taking penicillin for strep throat...I went out of town for 2 days and forgot my penicillin but am taking it again....Did those 2 days allow the infection to get back in and will ...

 What kills tapeworms? I mean home remedies?

Additional Details
NOT FOR ME, For my animals....

 Can a virus last 6 wks?
I got flu/bad cold symptoms feb 14th. Slowly improved over the next week then it hit hard again. Saw MD + he said sinus infection. Got augmentin for 10 days. 2 days after antibiotics ended I was ...

 How much cranberry juice a day should I drink to prevent Urinary tract infections?

 Any help out there? I have flu after the jab. I want to be completely fit by the 16th for a wedding.?

Additional Details
No. I did not expect it. I had full faith in it. I have since spoken to the pharmacist and she says its a common occurrence. Dead or alive its still doing ...

 Can someone please help!!?
I am very sick and my doctor just faxed a letter to me telling me i am not a loud to go to school untl my fever goes down. And i have a low grade fever and a few other symptoms like my chest is ...

Can humans get infected with the parvo disease from dogs?
my puppies i think have parvo, they are in the house right now...do they need togo outside, so that me and others that live in the house wont catch it.

but can human get parvo?

Although there are human parvo viruses, the dog variety does not affect humans. Click on the link provided to read more.


No - you don't catch it from the dogs themselves... it's fatal in dogs - but it isn't fatal in humans.

It's really called 5ths Disease... look it up I had it in highschool and I had a red rash that was under the skin and when I was in gym class or working out it would flare up and itch pretty badly. There wasn't anything that I could do for it - just knew how to avoid a flare up...

Yes they should go outside. If you can afford it, they need a vet as well or they will die soon (if they have the disease) I honestly don't know if a human can get parvo, but I wouldn't want to take that chance.

lesley w
no adults cant catch parvo,, but you must get the dogs treated straight away, it a killer in dogs... the ***** dog has not have her injections

We thought that our puppy had had parvo, but didn't and I asked the vet the same question. Because my daughter just started crawling.
They said no. However if the do have parvo, the disease stays in the home for up two years. So any new animal (puppy) that you bring into the home can get infected. Also untreated the puppy could die. This is some thing that has to be treated early.
The best site I found that covers parvo is www.workingdogs.com

Humans can not get parvo, but your puppies need to be treated IMMEDIATELY or they will all die a horrible painful death. Please take care of them.

You need to get them to a vet ASAP if you havent or they are going to die. No you can't catch parvo.

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