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Can gum disease be fatal ?

if you don't check/fix it, it will get worse; and therefore eventually be fatal.

Pam K
Its an infection, infections can be fatal. My mom had it, and it caused her entire health to go down hill, they removed her infected teeth, and her heath was back 100%

But sometimes this disease can be silent, and you won't know about it till its too late to save the teeth, so removal is needed.

So early detection is best. So get checked out before you have problems.

it can be nasty but not fatal, if you don't get gum disease treated, you could loose all your teeth. over a period of time, blue

Believe it or not, it can. The bacteria decaying your gums can be so numerous that they can travel to your heart and cause coronary heart disease.

Gum disease may refer to:
* Gingivitis
* Periodontitis
Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis or periodontitis may cause sepsis in immunosuppressed patients.

Maybe not fatal but you can definitely die from it.

Sizzle Pizzle
as well as the above, it can also cause heart disease by introducing 'inflamation' into the bloodstream.....

If you have gum disease, your dentist should refer you to a periodontic specialist. If untreated it can relate to problems with pregnancy, diabetes and some other conditions. Early treatment along with seeing a hygienist on a regular basis as well as regular daily cleaning will sort the problem out but the treatment is expensive.

garry k
iv herd gum diseas can end up being a blood disease and kill you and also can affect your blood stream and lead to heart attacks im not sure if this is true best to ask your doctor theyd be able to explane better then anyone

granny turtle
I dont know if fatal but bacteria from mouth can seep into heart valves. They often give antibotic before dental procedures for persons with known heart disress. *mamatx

My dentist told me that the germs that produce gum disease can enter the bloodstream and attack the heart and heart muscles - which could lead to a weakened heart. Obviously a bad heart can be "fatal" given certain conditions. So gum disease in itself is not "fatal" - but if not treated, it can damage other organs in the body, which could be fatal.

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