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Can conjunctivitis (pink eye) be transferred from a cat to a human?
My kitten recently had conjunctivitus, and I was the one taking care of her. Her's is gone now, and a couple days later I woke up with it!! I can't find information anywhere on the web about it being transferred to humans from animals. Is this possible?

Either way how do I get rid of it without going to the doctor?!?! I just started a new job and haven't got insurance yet. Your help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!
Additional Details
And please... If you don't know the answer, what it is, or you're just stupid please don't make any rude comments, or make up any false answers... you people know who you are, grow up.

Beyond Mordant
YES check for OTC remedies


Tom C
well i dont think so. and your gonna need to go to the docter

that is bull.... you have to go to a doctor. it cant be transfered from animals to humans!!!

♥ Hamsters ♥
If you are like me, you probably have never had a cat with a cold, but cats with colds are fairly common.

How does a cat get a cold? The first thought that comes to mind is “can my cat catch my cold?”

The answer to that is no and “no” you cannot catch your cat’s cold. It is said that cold viruses are species-specific, which means pets and humans cannot pass a cold back and forth.

While we can (for the most part) “doctor” our colds with over-the-counter remedies, our cats cannot.

A cold is serious business for a cat and even more serious if you have a multiple cat household.

Oddly enough, your cat’s symptoms will be very similar to yours, sneezing, runny nose, coughing, wheezing and sometimes a mucous discharge either from its nose or mouth. It is also possible for your cat to have a breathing problem, cold sore type ulcers around it mouth and red teary eyes that have a discharge.

Cat colds are very contagious and interestingly, cats are more susceptible to colds in the summer time.

Where can your cat pick up a cold?

At a boarding kennel, the groomers, at your vets and if your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, it can pick up the virus from any cat it encounters outside.

What can you do for your cat’s cold?

First of all do not try any human over-the-counter remedies. Usually a cat cold lasts just about as long as a human cold (7 to 10 days) and the cat will get over it just as we do.

Where it gets complicated is, if the viral infection travels to the lungs or bronchial area causing a lower respiratory infection or if a secondary bacterial infection occurs in the nose, mouth or eye area.

This is why at the first sign your cat is coming down with a cold, you should call your vet. This ounce of prevention can honestly save you many vet dollars, should the cold develop into something more serious.

Once a cat gets a respiratory infection it is possible that it will re-occur time and time again (like the proverbial bad penny.)

Another important thing to take under consideration is cats smell their food before they eat it. This is normal cat behavior and if your cat has a stuffy nose, it cannot smell its food.

What happens when a cat can’t smell its food?

The cat will not eat or even drink. The cat becomes dehydrated and starts using up its own fat stores for energy.

A cat needs to eat and drink (most canned cat food provides not only nutrition, but water,) the result of not eating can cause a condition known as hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver syndrome, which can be life threatening.

This is why, if your cat shows any sign of a cold or stops eating for any reason call your vet at once.

I can’t say this enough, that one simple phone call may save you many future vet dollars.

A cat’s cold can be a simple runny nose (wipe it with a warm wet washcloth, cats can’t blow) and require nothing more than some TLC from you, but check with your vet first.

There are two types of viruses that can cause a cat to have cold like symptoms, the first is felline herpesvirus (FHV) and feline calicivirus (FCV). Keep up all of your cat’s recommended vaccinations as the vaccine for FHV and FCV is given at regular intervals.

Keeping your cat indoors is truly the best way to protect your cat from being the recipient of “what is going around.”

Having a cat is an interesting experience. I have three at the present time and have had as many as six. Each cat is as individual as any person I have ever known. Personalities and temperament between cats is as different as night and day. I work very hard at trying to understand my three and as soon as I think I have it all figured out, they find some way to mess it all up. If you enjoyed this article please

this is the same for everything cats cannot catch ANYTHING from humans as they have differetn genes

idk maybe?!?! whoaa that would be weird. but like i know you can get ringworm from pets so it could happen...?

you can get much information in this website,kindly stay a minute in website and check anyone link at a time

pink eye you HAVE to go to the doctor or else you will pass it on to everyone you meet- it is highly contagious and usually people don't even want you at work if you have it- the RX for pink eye is cheap, it is worth the trip if not for you, for everyone else, and no, you usually can not contract any disease from an animal because they have different diseases than us

No, there are only a few diseases which can be transferred from animals to human and pink eye is not one of them. This is a total coincidence.

Wash your hands a lot and get some over the counter eye drops. KEEP YOUR FINGERS OUT OF YOUR EYES. If should clear up within a few days.

Lonely in MCO
I don't know about getting it from the cat, I suppose it's possible. But, you need to go to the Dr. and get some antibiotics, it IS VERY contagious.

You can get conjunctivitis from a lot of things. It might just be freak coincidence!

Go along to your local pharmacy and show them your eye. They should be able to give you something to clear it up - chloramphenicol eye drops or something.

One word of warning, though - if you've been unlucky enough to get viral conjunctivitis, you'll have to go see a doctor to get some different eye drops. I know cos I got it - I had conjunctivitis that just didn't go away, no matter how much antibacterial stuff i was given. Eventually one doctor spotted it was viral, and I was given anti-inflammatory drops instead to control the redness while my body flushed out the virus.

You can get polysporin eyedrops at any pharmacy or drug store, they will most likely clear up your eye. It's very easy to deal with, I doubt you'll need to see a doctor like these other people are saying.

So don't worry.

And I have no idea about your cat.

From my wife standing over my shoulder.. (btw shes a Vet tech)

Diseases in 99% of cases cannot be transmitted from human to animal. (there are some obvious exceptions to this rule).. Pink eye is caused by a bacteria.. and in some cases has been to jump over..esepecially of you were applying the medicine to the kitten...
bacteria sux. good luck.. and im sure with some ointment you'll be fine in a few days time...

Feel Better ;)

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