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Lisa pizza
Can cold sores make you ill?
my man has had one for weeks he is feeling under the weather sometimes he has a red mark on the roof of his mouth and keeps getting a sore throat, he has used cream which made it better for a while but the sore is back and he feels under the weather again.

road block
Not if you keep them warm.

I had a coldsore from October last year and it has just gone in the last couple of weeks.The doctor said i was run down and gave me antibiotics because it had turned into imetigo.he should go to his GP for a medical,I found if you dab a used tea-bag on the sore it reduces the inflamation and speeds up the healing time.

no they dont make you ill,

they certainly can and if they spread they can cause u a lot of truoble

Listerine is good to use like 3xs daily.it kills the infection and makes the sore smaller.. safest way ... i know of.. good luck ....
actually in some cases it can make you sick..i was watchin a show the other nite and this lady died from them.. rare case but has happened.. some thing to do with her immune system..dont mean to scare you..

Try using tyolnal. if that is how you spell it! lol pain killer and sore throught medicine. Nyquil works best. if the cold sore does not go away in 2 days see a doctor.

Spiny Norman
These symptoms could be serious he should see his GP or dentist as a matter of urgency, especially as there has been no rapid improvement.

ºWellness Coachº
I REALLY wanted you to know that you can EASILY never have to deal with another horrible, awful, nasty cold-sore for the rest of your life!!

I got them every winter my whole life until 3 years ago (I'm 36 now) and they were the BANE of my existence...the whole process took weeks to heal and would leave a scar for at least 2 months sometimes!

I was reading a message board on www.curezone.org and discovered the PERFECT remedy for both healing them and preventing them completely:

So, I buy the liquid tincture by "HerbPharm" and it has not failed me ONCE...Whenever I'm feeling drained, tired, stressed, or get that tingly feeling on my lip, I just load up on this stuff.

This is the one I buy:


You can also get Olive Leaf at Whole Foods Market, and other natural food stores.

Very cheap.

The first time I tried it, I was actually halfway into a major eruption and I drank a bunch of the extract in some water.
AS I WAS DRINKING the stuff down, I could feel the swelling on my lip shrinking...I was in such shock--I ran to the mirror--it was shrinking before my eyes and within ten minutes my lip had returned to NORMAL...I began kissing the bottle of Olive Leaf...yeah, I really did!!

I had tried everything in the past...I can't begin to tell you what I went through...and it's now been 3 YEARS since I've had one!!

try these 3 remedies for illness...EVERY time I feel run-down or get that tickly feeling in my throat I take these 3 things and it NEVER turns into a full-blown cold.

1) Olive Leaf Extract by "Herb Pharm"....it's in liquid form, and has no side effects...it immediately goes to work to kill any viruses in you...and it's all natural.

2) "JarrowDophilus", by "Jarrow Formulas"...it will keep the healthy "flora" in your body in perfect balance which keeps your immune system strong.

3) "Emergen-C" Vitamin C packets by "Alacer"

All three can be purchased at "Whole Foods Market", possibly "Trader Joe's", or call your local health food store to inquire about these 3 products.

EVERY friend and family member who has taken this advice, hardly ever gets sick.

For your throat: "Peaceful Mountain--Throat Rescue"
You will NEVER find a more powerful throat spray which is all-natural....soothing, fast acting, and kills bad bacteria on contact.

Cayenne Pepper in capsules (or sprinkled on soup) helps greatly with congestion AND is also an immune systen booster too....and drink lots of organic green tea to help your energy levels.

You'll see!! :) Get well soon!

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