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Can bedbugs be seen with the naked eye?


No, they are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Mary S
No, they are too microscopic to see with the human eye.

Dave A
no, they live IN the mattress an older mattress actualy weighs more than when it was new due to the population growth

No, they are microscopic.

No u can't. :)

Jose M


Depends on how bad you got them lol

Kally L
I think so, I went on a tour in Boston and they said something about the beds and why they were like that during the revelutionary war, time...and they said it was because of bedbugs, I am going to assume that you can see them.

kimberly M
No they cannot. Only under a microscope. Better known as dust mites.....


no but maybe wit a shirt they can

they sure can!

now go put some clothes on your eye young lady!

Nope. They are microscopic which makes it even harder to realize you slept in a bed full of them at a hotel, until you wake up with bug bites all over you.

since they only come out in the night one would have to be dead on your bed to be seen, i saw a dead one
u need to vacum ur bed



Bravo Johny
of course they can. those little animals realu little that can sometimes fly when they mature. they are black.. and why are ur eyes naked?

bed bugs yes, dust mites no

Depends on how big they are, some can. Check near the foot of the mattress around the seam for a concentration of them.

yes they defiantly can! you just have to look hard because they are very tiny!

kimberly M there is a difference between bed bugs and dust mites! wow

Proud Tree Hugger!
Yes you can see them with your eye if you look close enough. One way that will help you find out if you have bed bugs is to look at your sheets and see if you have little red blood spots on them.

Dust mites are NOT the same thing as bedbugs. Dust mites are too small to be seen by the eye. Bedbugs are reddish-brown and about 0.5cm big. They are visible to the eye.

Mr. Babu
Yes, these are small round reddish bugs about the size of half pea put flat.

CAN YOU SEE THEM..........YOU BETCHA.........You'll wonder, how in 24Hs. there's twice as many as you saw the night before.....................................

yeah google them

yes you can.
you can also see their excrements on your mattress, small brown stains.

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