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 Can a person contract HIV by giving a hickee?
I know it may be a stupid question, but I would really like to know if anyone has any insight on this topic.


 Does the human apendix have any use?
does the human apendix help the stomach and intestines break down the materials and fat in meat?...

 What do viruses feed on?

 I told my mom about pin worms and shes taking me to the doctor did i do right?

Additional Details
its been since ...

 What is the most powerful antibiotic discovered so far?
Why is penicillin referred to as “the miracle drug?
Why are antibiotics used in feed for livestock? What do you think is the danger of this?...

 Serious answers only....I need good information about Staph infections?
I live an hour away from my family and do not get to see them but every couple of months. I was aware that back in the beginning of November that my brother, sister in law and mother had a staph ...

 Have you had the vomiting bug 26/01/08?
Hi, my son seems to have this horrible bug thats going about but I dont know anyone else who's had it so dont know how long its lasting, he got it yesterday, any info on it would be appreciated<...

 Have you ever had Shingles?
I just found out last friday that I have shingles because of stress etc. I have looked on webmd.com for information about this disease but I was wondering how long shingles last once you break out ...

 My brother got H.I.V!! >:(?
well i found out my brother had H.I,V from his recent gf who has it and gave birth to my niece who is H.I.V positive,what my parents dont know is that he got H.I.V so does his misses and his daughter....

 What is bacteriophage?

 I am having fever for last three days intermittently.Blood report shows SGPT(ALT) is 87.7what could be cause?

 What causes an outbreak of fever blisters?
i know that it is usually aquired in childhood, which is when i started having them, but lately i have been getting them more often. today i had an outbreak of 13 in one area (it's very painful) ...

 Is there a good way of developing antibodies for a chronic viral infection in the body besides vaccination?

 Urinary Track Infection?
I want to know if I have a UTI because it stings when I pee
and it feels like i have to go like i have a weird tingly feeling down there and I'm not sure If maybe I have a small cut down ...

 Strep throat symptoms?
it's just one white patch in the back of my throat, kind of off to the side of my throat actually.
looking up symptoms, i read that there were numerous white patches if you have strep ...

 What disease is this?
I remember watching a special on the History channel (or Discovery) about this small hospital in a European town that had a patient with XXXXX disease and even though he was quarantined patients on ...

 What disease is called shingles?does it affect the brain?
i heard its only peculiar to white people.Is that true?...

 Why are doctors only treating the symptoms and not the dieases that cause them?
all the symptoms can be tracked to the dieases of ...

 Is malaria a science?

 What diseases can you get from drinking dirty water?
I'm doing a school project on water deases in Africa and what are some diseases you can get from drinking dirty water in Africa.


Can babies get tapeworms>>>?
My God Daughter is two months old and is not around other children but we believe that by the look of her stool she may have tape worms. My best friend is calling the pediatritian now and waiting for a call back. But I thought I would ask in the meantime.

People get tape worms by drinking or eating infected water or food. A tape worm imbeds into the intestine wall and grows by adding segments. The head must be removed or killed otherwise it will just grow back. A tape worm can grow up to 50 feet long and is flat and about 1/2 inch wide and it is a whitish color. You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her stools. Unless the worm has gotten so large that it is visible.

depends on what you feed them

If the mother has tapeworms, they could have been transmitted to the baby through the mother's hands, while feeding her.

Certainly. I would also check the mother- they may have transferred from her.




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